For further information about Lakeside Hash House Harriers see the Run Sheet and just come along to a run and introduce yourself.

Our runs officially start at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings but unofficially always start after 6:45pm.

If you would like to talk to someone call one of the following or just send us a message:

  • Pythagorarse on 0435 209 860
  • Swingers on 0438 813 028

2021/2022 Committee Contacts

Grand Master        ‘Pythagorarse’ 0435 209 860
Assistant GM ‘4-Pack’    
Trail Master ‘Prince’    
Hash Cash ‘Gargoyle’    
Man Friday ‘Wet Pussy’    

2021/2022 Extended Committee Contacts

Sergeant at Arms ‘Udder Idjit’  
Webmaster ‘Swingers’ 0438 813 028
Social Sex ‘E & B’ 0419 637 129
Governess ‘Cheesecake’    
Hash Flash ‘Wild Rider’