The Lakeside Hash was started when someone stuck a notice on the notice board at Victoria Barracks, saying that he was starting a Hash, called the Lakeside HHH. The first run was on March 14, 1984, starting from Albert Park Lake. The notice, posted by Stu Garfath, later Freefall, stipulated 2 things – it was to be a mixed hash and that no-one in the military was allowed to pull rank. He had done runs with both Melbourne and Western Suburbs and he was dissatisfied with them because they did not allow female runners and there was no other mixed Hash. Lakeside was the first mixed Hash in Melbourne.

Before this, Freefall was stationed in Hong Kong for 3 years and ran with the Little Sai Wan. The reason Lakeside is on Wednesday is because LSW is on Wednesday. The Hong Kong connection is why, in the official Hash genealogy, Lakeside is descended from the Little Sai Wan. (So is the now defunct Bendigo Hash). After the first run, they had beer and circle at the side of the lake, then went to a restaurant. Freefall and wife Zippit were at first joint Grand Masters. Later, by 1985, Freefall and Gonzo were joint GMs, Muttley Dog was Grogmaster and Zippit was OnSec. Muttley Dog, who had also run with Little Sai Wan, later became GM. At that time they had they kept run cards as a record of names and runs instead of a book. The low point of Lakeside was when Muttley Dog set a run and only one person turned up – him.

The above info was got from talking to Stu Garfath at the 1000th run, and he should know, he started it. Ex-webmaster The Boomerang has also provided some historical notes below.

The following is a history of Lakeside compiled from various sources. Old run books and run sheets, old year books but mainly my memory. If anybody reading this can add anything, please contact me. I am particularly interested in the time before November 1990 which is when I started running. Sailor, Boner, After 5, Lizard – this means you.

14 March 1984 – Lakeside H3 was formed amid much controversy as an offshoot of Western Suburbs H3. At the time, WSH3 didn’t allow female members and LSH3 has the title of Melbourne�s first mixed hash.

8 February 1986 – 100th run and the beginning of recorded history.

The lean years of history.

15 October 1988 200th run

14 March 1990 After Five made GM – GM for ever – much controversy. combined 333/350 Marybyrnong cruise. After every run an RA was appointed to tell us about the run. The RA had to wear a dreadlocks wig and was normally somebody who had recently had a haircut. Hosted the balls-up.

15 April 1992 Bondage – Incorporating H3. Constitution adopted. Raising money. Committee. First anniversary weekend – 400th run at the Cathedrals. Terrible weather. Young kangaroo hopped around trail with us, named Flipper. First year book produced. First ski-weekend. Bentathlon? Anti-sausage campaign. Hash cash resigned mid-year – much controversy.

17 March 1993. Plunger – New members on committee. Extended circle with Plunger’s maths everybody gets a down-down. Subs introduced – much controversy. Wimps and Rambos run and t-shirts – much controversy 450th run at Lancefield winery. Run write-ups produced for first time since ????. Chook of the week came and went. Followed by the raw egg which quickly went. Green ice at the AGM. Voted to keep our logo of the two feet in the shape of an �L� with the Lakeside arrow (used as the background picture to this web site).

25 May 1994 Emu – First cardboard cutout as GM. Barterbitch stood in as GM while the real Emu was out of the country. Sergeant on committee – much controversy. GM abducted by D&E, returned with tattoos, ear-ring and two-foot schlong. Cyber Sec responsible for home page. Infamous Lakeside database written. Lakeside turns 10, last attempt at recording LSH3 history, since been lost. 500th run 17 July 1996. Replicas made of first Lakeside shirts. Beanies commissioned.

17 May 1995 Deeper – Tried to limit circle – much controversy. First red dress run. First Grand Pricks run, held on the Monday night after the Grand Prix – much controversy. Maori Chief rip-off – much controversy. 555 16 July 1995 – at Baghdad hotel. Middle Eastern theme. Longest serving GM since A5.

17 July 1996 AGM and 600th run Deep Throat – Introduction of group email address. Numbers sky-rocketing. First hat run. Hash act at Aussie Nash Hash. Bent�s infamous chicken and coleslaw run. First hat run on day following Melbourne cup. Winery tour. Secret committee meetings – much controversy. Deeper becomes first ex-GM to keep running.

4 June 1997 AGM and 650th run. Udder Idjit – 666 run at Hepburn Springs – sex sex sex theme. Not the ski-weekend. Hash Flash on committee for first time. Weekend at Bernie�s dummy spit. First grunge run. GG lost his lasagne. Combined 700th run and AGM. Move made to standardise the date of the AGM to first Weekend after Queen’s birthday . Over spending saw us lose money – much controversy. Introduction of drink tickets – much controversy.

17 June 1998 AGM and 700th run. Tittilator – No RA or sergeant, worst weather in living memory. Subs increased for first time – much controversy. Massive committee resignations – much controversy. First Canada Day run. Christmas boat cruise. Trail Master (Roman) disappears – much controversy.

26 May 1999. Sailor – no Grand Prix run, much controversy. Hosted Balls Up – Theme Heroes and Villains of the 20th century. Discount on subs given if Balls Up entry paid in advance much controversy. Acquired our own domain name (lakesidehash.asn.au). Participated in Melbourne pre-amble to interhash. Much controversy. Hosted post-interhash run. Snubbed a D&E 1000th run celebration causing a rift between the clubs. Much controversy. Hare write-up system introduced. Much Controversy.

14 June 2000 Skiddy – Australian-born GM. Much Controversy. Still no Grand Prix run. Red dress run raises over $1200 for National Stroke Foundation. 850th run weekend at King Lake West. Very successful. Eating leftovers for weeks afterwards. GG has heart attack after setting run – gets his daughters to bring the food along while he languishes in hospital. No special run awards given all year. Much controversy. Year book in colour for selected Lakeside members. Much Controversy. Hash Flash goes digital. Lakeside members take over GMship of MH3 and WSH3. Secret joint reconciliation run with D&E much controversy.

E&B – Two female GMs in succession. Much Controversy. Committee reaches record size resulting in frequent and long committee meetings. Much Controversy. 900th run Halloween 31 October
First pantomime at Lakeside Christmas party.

2001 Mummies Boy – returns from long absence to assume GM-ship. Previous year’s GM on committee for first time. Much controversy. The Boomerang and GG pass 500 runs. The price of beer increases. Much controversy. The Christmas parties of 2001 and 2002 were outstanding, featuring  panotmimes organized by E&B, Udder and Cheesecake – no controversy.

Gerbils – 1000th run. Food ran out. Much controversy. Many ex-GMs there including founders Freefall and Zippit and a reincarnated cardboard Emu.

Continuing history as recorded by Klingon

The 1000th run and the 20th Aniversary runs were memorable, enjoyable events. On 30 June 2004, the AGM was held at Middle Park Bowling Club. Having received no volunteers, Gerbils decided not to appoint a new GM, but nominated a subcommittee instead to decide what to do. Very Much Controversy. At the next run a new GM was popularly appointed.

The Dis-Honour Roll of Lakeside GMs

1984-85        Freefall & Zippit
1985-86        Freefall & Gonzo
1986-87        Freefall & Gonzo
1987-88        Dallas & Muttley Dog (first AGM held in March 1987)
1988-89        After Five (2nd AGM)
1989-90        After Five & Dallas
1990-91        Couff & After Five (Couff’s AGM was in October, he went back to NZ in March)
1991-92        After Five
1992-93        Bondage
1993-94        Plunger
1994-95        Emu & Barterbitch
1995-96        Deeper
1996-97        Deep Throat
1997-98        Udder Idjit
1998-99        Titillator
1999-00        Sailor’s Plaything
2000-01        Skiddy
2001-02        Egg & Bacon Pie
2002-03        Mummies’ Boy
2003-04        Gerbils
2004-05        The Boomerang
2005-06        Klingon
2006-07        Cheesecake
2007-08        Prince
2008-09        Cod Piece
2009-10         Flem
2010-11          Big Bang
2011-12          Shit Off A Shovel
2012-13          It Wasn’t Me
2013-14          Nickel B
2014-15          Cut Loose
2015-16          Cooch
2016-17          Sweaty Box
2017-18          Kokup
2018-19          Astro