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Well, we are back – ‘up-and-running’ so-to-speak. Restrictions are eased – the Covid-19 risk is very much reduced and manageable as long as we adhere to social distancing advice and requirements. Our official runs have started. Thanks to Udder and Peanuts for last weeks home-territory start-up run that, by all accounts, was a roaring success – my apologies that a dodgy chicken left-over for lunch forced me to miss it!!!

A big shout out also to Klingon and a few diehards who manage to scratch a hash-itch with a few interim runs while keeping themselves and the world at large safe with their strict adherence to the distancing rules.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support throughout what has turned out to be quite a difficult period. There have been a few Lakeside Covid casualties – Astro, Cut Loose, Prince and Kokup have all resigned from the committee – so we are now a small team at the top – and a few important roles are vacant (until the AGM – or the end of Covid madness – whichever comes first)!!

Whippet has stepped up to the plate for this weeks run and Cheese cake will hare next week – we will need a few other volunteers for July please. Our traditional Christmas in July will be deferred to a time when it’s a good idea for a large group to congregate in an undercover area !!!! which may be a while.

We will comply with both the spirit and the letter of the law on the Covid 19 social distancing restrictions – it is now up to individual members to decide when they feel comfortable coming to runs and how they interact. E&B is still setting up zoom circles for any one that wants to join in.

Looking forward to the day when we are truly back to normal again


Run No







Whippet/td> B. J Ferndinando Gardens Beach Road, Hampton Map

Run 1960

The run this week will be;
  • Venue is the picnic shelter, B.J Ferndinando Gardens, Beach Rd (opposite Small St), Hampton (see below)
  • Public Transport – a short walk from Hampton Station
  • Food – There are a few restaurants a short walk up Small St.  I will bring menus for Top Burger and can place an order with them.  The kebab place looks closed.
  • (www.topburger.com.au)
  • BYO drinks and containers

For public transport information specific to your journey start point/address please download the PTV app or visit Public Transport Victoria