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Botak Chin/Bollywood
The Year of the Rat
Brookville Gardens 53 Canterbury Rd, Toorak 58 J5



Lakeside Hash
Australia Day Run
Eastern Lions Soccer Club Sixth Avenue, Burwood 60 J8



Udder Idjit/Gargoyle Unit 7 350 Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda West 57 K8



The Kiwis
Waitangi Day
T H Westfield Reserve Yarra Bend Rd, Clifton Hill 60 J8

Run 1947 – The Year of the Rat
For this run we celebrate Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rat – with a run from the Brookville Gardens in Toorak. We know the venue as the rotunda next to the Toorak Primary School. Botak and Bollywood have a knack of making their runs memorable (remember the giveaway last time?) and in this case the title of the run is spiced with mystery, humour and intrigue. Ranking the first in the zodiac, rat represents wisdom. Rumour has it that he obtained this position by outwitting the ox.

Theme: Chinese New Year celebration – The Year of the Rat
Venue: Brookville Gardens, 53 Canterbury Rd, Toorak.
Food: members $7
Drinks: Hash eskies
Parking: Fairbairn Rd
Bring: Hash mug for the drink stop and circle.
Getting there:
– by car Melways map 2M E/F9
– by no 72 tram stop 36

Run 1948 – Melbourne Combined Hash Australia Day run
Venue: Eastern Lions Soccer Club, Sixth Avenue, Burwood
Cost: $10 (covers clubroom hire, drinkstop, lunch and the circle. Any excess funds will be donated to the Bushfire Appeal

Details in the attached Australia Day Flyer

Run 1949
Venue: Unit 7, 350 Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda West.
Getting there:
– by car Melways 2N H4
– by trams 12, 16 & 96

Run 1950 – Waitangi Day
Hares: The Kiwis – Prince, What She Said, Point Post.
Venue: T.H. Westfield Res, Yarra Bend Park.
Occasion: Waitangi Day Run
Parking: car park available
Getting there:
– by car Melways map 30 G/H 12
– by train to Westgarth Station.

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