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Lakeside Hash House Harriers The drinking club with a running problem


Grand Master:  Pauline “It Wasn’t Me” Middelveld Religious Adviser:  John “Klingon” Perkins Hash Cash: Simon “Lubang Oz” Wreford Grog Master: John “Klingon” Perkins Checking Chicken: David “Udder Idjit” Cheeseman Sgt@Arms:  Barry “GG” Kerr; Soc Sec: Linda  “Cyclone Tracy” Anderson-Berry On Sec:  Andrew “Shitoffashovel” Middleton Hash Haberdash: Lorraine “Egg and Bacon Pie” Gierck Hare Raiser: Nick “Nickle B” Leicester Hash Flash: Mark “Ambidexterous Hand Job” Kalic Web Master:  Stuart “Flem” Smith

Run 1501, 06 Jun 2012 Hare: SOAS Venue: George Hotel Cecil St Sth Melbourne

Good run around South/Port Melbourne. Venue was packed due to trivia night. Circle held outside.

Returnees: Whopping Boy, Dr Boner, Tripod, Flashon.

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