Run 1734 | 29th June 2016|Cheescake celebrates 20 years of Hashing @ Sth. Melbourne


The last Ladies Lounge left in South Melbourne

Cheesecake’s 20th anniversary run

It was January 1996 when Cheesecake arrived for her very first Lakeside hash run at the Southern Cross Hotel South Melbourne. It was LSH run 578. Deeper was the GM, Udder was Hash Cash and you couldn’t split the difference between GG and a ray of sunshine. Sweaty Box was 10 years old and they had delicious calamari rings on the menu. I must have had a sort of shifty, SCB look about me because they put BarterBitch on my case, – for the whole run I couldn’t shake her. Much, much, much later in March 1996, Mummies’ Boy first arrived at LSH. I didn’t get named until LSH run 597 in June – I wasn’t on the committee so I couldn’t be fagged turning up very often.

Woosh forward to the 2016 circle at the Southern Cross. It’s true – I’m not a natural blonde. I was forced to wear a polyester brown wig and chortle at ancient photos of me being brunette. Thanks to E&B, Sweaty Box, Barter?, Cut Loose and all the others who reckoned they had nothing to do with the brunette ambush. There’s some revenge photos at end of this report. BTW we had a lovely Irish Coffee and cheesecake drink stop at Cut Loose’s house.

Returnees Fishface, BarterBitch, Highly Infectious, Mothball

Walk report –  Colours – they walked down and around and down again, and walkers still got lost going to Cut Loose’s house. Colours wants Cheesecake to win the 2017 AGM Fakawi Award. 7/10

Run report – 2 Bottoms described the run. – Cheesecake had runners running around in Middle Park semi circles so they all got lost. 2 Bottoms wants Cheesecake to win the next AGM Fakawi award. 16.66 /20

Guest sergeant – Mummies’ Boy


  • The following are Prehistoric Lakesiders – Barter, HIF and GG
  • Two Bottoms from Luxembourg and UK, doesn’t know whether he’s in or out of EU.
  • Klingon, and Mothball for singing Bestiality’s song best.
  • Two Bottoms for giving Cheesecake a filthy look (in old photo).
  • Klingon and Lotsa Fun singing Lim Lim song.
  • Cut Loose for not recognising Cheesecake 20 years ago.
  • Mummies’ Boy for making fisting gestures.
  • Cut Loose for playing with the whipped cream.
  • Cheesecake for having a run from a pub that still has a Ladies Lounge.
  • Klingon for not wearing hash gear.
  • Lotsa for being short sighted, she thinks Klingon looks handsome in civvies.
  • Sweaty Box the new GM has to pay homage to the gods.
  • Mummies’ Boy for being mesmerised by cleavages.
  • Colours whose first night it is as LSH event manager.
  • Kokup for giving up his job to be at hash.
  • Sweaty Box for distributing naughty photos.
  • Old Boar for usurping the GM.
  • Sweaty our GM for being younger than LSH.
  • Cheesecake who started hashing aged 15.


Peanuts makes sure everyone has signed the  book! 


Barter Bitch always co-ordinates her handbag for Hash.


Here’s to them……DSC_0228 …..they’re true blue……

IMG_6475 IMG_6471 IMG_6470 IMG_6465

Selfie experts……..not!

 DSC_0195 DSC_0193

Senator Klingon????

DSC_0192 DSC_0191 DSC_0182

Just 20 years to get to 570 runs?

DSC_0196 DSC_0218 DSC_0214 DSC_0213 DSC_0210 

doesn’t look a day older, does she….


One thought on “Run 1734 | 29th June 2016|Cheescake celebrates 20 years of Hashing @ Sth. Melbourne

  1. E&B

    It’s not so much 20 years of hashing that should be celebrated, but 20 years of hashing WITH LAKESIDE! One Club for 20 years. Well done, Cheesie! Such loyalty is marvellous!

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