Run 1758 | 30 November 2016 | E & B @ Buckingham Street, Richmond


HARE: Egg & Bacon Pie


VISITORS: Quacker, Flatulance, Miss Christina,


RETURNEES: Dipi, Wet Patch, Quick Lay, Cod Piece, Lost Jewels, Over The Top, Insubordination, Peanuts,  Son Of Skala,

Old Boar, Spread On, Behind Bars




Sweaty Box sez  “The GM is always right.” And gave the first Charge to Swingers for his lucky 69th Run


RUN REPORT: Fantastic territory, starting in ‘no hills’ Richmond, but soon progressing across the river into very hilly Kew.  Lots of river tracks, but got lost on a couple of trails when we could not find chalk.  Saved by Kokup who was running along a road above the track we were on and found the way back to trail.  Then it was on on through familiar territory to the drink stop, across the footbridge and on home.  Scored 95/100 by Wet Patch


WALK REPORT: Set out through the flat streets of Richmond, crossing over the Yarra and up over Studley Park Road, puffing and panting walking up the hills in Kew. We had a really good time.    Score: 80/100 plus 20 for the haggis. IMG_7210

GM next charged E&B for Sprouting  Doo Doo.

MYSTERY SERGEANT: Another surprise; 2 of them, Wet Patch and Udder Idjit


All those with Scots ancestry : Prickly Bush, Swamp Rat, Peanuts, Kling On, Kokup, E& B, Lost Jewels, Old Boar, Over The Top, Swingers

Kokup & Cooch: Late coming

Cooch: Not breaking checks
Wet Patch: Long winded charges
Quacker  and Flatulence: They are not a couple
Punch: Needed to impose drink  quotas at the Drink Stop. ….Yes, but I was only following E&B’s rationing instructions and by waiting for the 2nd group of Runners everyone wet their whistles.
Wet Patch: Whinging like Mothball


Big Ears: Swearing about the Hare
E&B: Being sensitive about her bum
Lost Jewels: Touching it
Over the Top: Being jealous of E&B and Lost Jewels

Prickly Bush: Bravery. -Standing under a tree that huntsman spiders drop down from
Lubang Oz: Happy 77th Birthday
Prickly Bush: Happy Birthday Girl too
GM Sweaty Box: Hasn’t had one for years.
Born on a Leap Year?


Lakeside HHH Christmas Party will be on 10th December at the Caulfield RSL in Elsternwick.
Time: –  6.00 pm start
Be there by 5.45 pm.  Dress to party but also please bring along you
running shoes.IMG_7091

Next Week’s Run:- 7TH December at 6.45 pm
Mothball’s Birthday Run – 30 Hunter St, Ferntree Gully. Melways 65 C11.
NB:  Please check the Website if coming by train because the trains have been replaced by buses.
DECEMBER 14 RUN:-6.45 pm, Half Moon Bay at Black Rock Yacht Club.  On site BBQ


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