Run 1761 | 14 December 2016 | Wet Patch/Shoe Shopper @ Black Rock Yacht Club, Half Moon Bay, Black Rock

Hares: Shoe Shopper & Wet Patch

Returnees: Shoe Shopper, Wet Patch, Anna (renamed Goanna), HoorayCO, Pink Pussy.

Stand-In GM: Cooch

 The Walk
Bolywood was asked to describe the walk. She began by saying that this was summer why wasn’t it warmer and continued to describe where she had walked in great detail and at Kathy Freeman pace leaving nothing out and praising the scenery and the rugged coastline of Half Moon Bay and did I say – yes leaving nothing out, even the local tennis courts, which cornered her nicely, got a mention. Her praise of the walk continued into the night. She concluded by saying this was summer why wasn’t it warmer?
An unusual score of 80 out of 61 completed the report.

The Run
As soon as it was announced that we would be running up the very hill that Kathy Freeman trained on, we all shot off desperate to prove that whatever Kathy could do we could at least match her – well for the first 100 metres anyway. The trail followed the coastline so could enjoy spectacular views of HMB and on backs that took us down to the waters edge and back up the hill again where Wet Patch was waiting with a gotcha! grin on his face. All good things must come to an end and so it was that we hit Beach Rd and a few kms of street running followed. Accompanying us and along for the ride so to speak was Shoe Shopper on her bicycle with Wet Patch acting as sweeper at the rear of the pack and offering suitable advice: ‘theres still a street no one has checked down’ and ‘it could be an on back – it could be!’ Trail was hand marked with tiny arrows which was cause for WP to offer his opinion on that as well. Timely on backs and checks kept the pack together and Astro became rather excited when he reported that we had gone down Tulip St where he had once lived. A splendid on home back along the beach completed an excellent run. Well done hares!
Score: an impressive 60 out of 61!

The Circle
Stand-in GM Cooch began by thanking the organisers of the Christmas Party: Colours, Cut Loose, Cheesecake, Udder, Astro and Lethal.

Special Runs
GG 1123
Prince 585
(how we have missed our palindromic runs!)
Punch 293 – is a prime number

Being English – Pointy, Wet Patch, Udder and Dangerous Dan
Using coloured chalk marks – Shoe Shopper
Trying to use a camera with no memory card – Old Bore
Having an entree on the run – Cheesecake
Dog Poo  which Astro stood in – all the dog owners: Peanuts, Klingon, Wet Patch

Hash Naming
New runner Anna was renamed ‘Goanna’ and Klingon was called on to officiate.

Next Weeks Run
37 Koornang Cres Nth Warrandyte

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