Run 1827 | 24th January 2018 | Lubang Oz@Elgin Inn, Burwood Road, Hawthorn

Lakeside H3


HARES: Lube Oil and Lubang Oz

VENUE: Elgin Inn, Hawthorn

The northern chapter of Lakeside H3 gathered at the Elgin Inn for our first pub run for the year. The hare gave the usual explanation outside and we were off.

The trail allowed runners to break away and spread out the pack, but carefully placed on backs and some tricky checks pulled the pack back together to near the end. Walkers joined the runners briefly at the top end of Elgin Street, but the runners deviated down a familiar back lane and through several parks to get home.

There was some pre-run speculation about where the run might go, but it did not cross last weeks run and although the territory was familiar, it was well set and not easily predicted – right to the end.

Run 24-1-18 002 Run 24-1-18 001

WALK REPORT: By Mothball                               Score: 1400/1485

The walk set off up Burwood Road then deviated through a park to Glenferrie Oval where there were lots of budding footballers playing and training. The trail was well marked and with very precise arrows, but there was no on back marked in the dead end alley (the hare’s defence was “Where else would you go?”).  All three walkers kept together and beat the runners home, so it was a very good walk.

RUN REPORT: By No Balls                                    Score:  1482/1485

It was a very enjoyable run passing through the streets and parks of Hawthorn including Glenferrie Oval where there were lots of fellas in sexy shorts. The trail went most of the way around the oval, including a small deviation past the swimming pool, then through the underpass and up through the old Swinburne Higher Institute of Technology (SHIT).  It the meandered through the streets, parks and reserves up to Barkers Road and similarly back home.  There were lots of ‘grassy trees’ and plenty of parks and the timing was good with the walkers.

Run 24-1-18 007 Run 24-1-18 008 Run 24-1-18 009 Run 24-1-18 003 Run 24-1-18 004 Run 24-1-18 005 Run 24-1-18 006


HARES: Lube Oil & Lubang Oz

VISITORS: Jack Off (Saigon H3).

RETURNEES: Mothball, Cyclone Tracy, Whippet, No Balls & Mother Brown.

Palindromes: No Balls on 66.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Prince – Calling a Hash Halt that was not there.
  • Lubang Oz – No drinkstop on the run, despite the trail going right past his garage door.
  • Quicklay – Nepotism (or lack of it?). Let Me Look was not here.
  • Canny & 3 Speed – Flying to Japan to ski in the midst of erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, pestilence etc.
  • Klingon – Mr Intermittent Hash. Someone on the tram tonight saw Whippet’s hash shirt for a Brussels run years ago and he was there and remembered Klingon.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Saw the ghost of Cooch on his bike before the run (not a bad feat from Japan).
  • No Balls – Wants to be a Madame. Practised collection of ‘fees’ for her girls from the Leopard skin chaise.
  • GG – Only one to get sick in the last two weeks and even the bartender knows the story.
  • Mother Brown – Dragging his feet and wandering off to the bar when his meal was on the table.
  • Quicklay – Also letting his meal go cold.
  • GM – Not charging Dragon (or his lookalike) for 250 runs.
  • Klingon – Thinks Dragon is a Lakeside hasher when she actually drags a Lakeside hasher around the runs.

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