Run 1891: Lubang Oz, Luboil & Mr Rendang

Canny Kokup tricks the vulnerable….

all is revealed

Was Kokup’s plan to lose the Pack so he could drink alone?

great smile GG…. Cheers & Beers

Hares need a drink after finding 30 Hashers in the garden, garage, in the house, on the street. Lubang’s scenic run & Luboil’s Rendang always attract a big Pack.

Hares relax after setting a great run

GM Astro reassures Mummies’ Boy that your 2nd best baggy tracky dacks are de rigeur in edgy Hawthorn. Mummies’ Boy’s response is #####

Despite 18 months absence Mummies’ Boy steps seamlessly into Seargeant’s Role

Hooray CO, Bollywood & Botak Chin share a returnees drink

Returnees Canny & 3 Speed from Full Moon Hash maintain tradition of only running/walking/standing on grass or dirt trails.


Swingers: You’ve got some competition in the legs stakes!

and we thought Quick Lay would only wear those famous pooh/wee colours…….

Hasher Twinkie from North Carolina & IGT2 rehearse for their headlining dance act to be performed during the Circle


Libido & Gargoyle audition for IGT 2’s dance troupe


Codpiece has found her soulmate. Visitor’s name was akin to “do nasty things to dogs”

Mother Brown carefully conceals his boutique beer from visitor “do nasty things to dogs aka Pooch” (who’s naively selected a VB (Kokup’s been trying to offload it for years……..)

A hint for Prince: if you have a jacket like this everyone knows it’s yours..

A Happy Prince who’s retrieved his much loved T-shirt that was lost (mysteriously) in Astro’s bedroom cupboard….

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