Run 1916: What She Said/Shag’n Fly @Middle Park Hotel

Hares:-  What She Said & ShagNFly

A good turnout about 25 runners – but the GM was absent.

Long run about 7.2 km with a strange new hash mark  “LS” to slow the fast runners down.

Clever checking near the lake had the pack short cutting but the hare called us back.

Great drink stop with mulled wine and cheese and pineapple nibbles.

Scored as 1910/1915

And the walk was good as well.

Returnees:-  SpreadOn, AddOn, West and Nina (run #2)

Special runs:- Prince 707.

Mothball 567.

4Pack and WhatSheSaid  ?

Charges:-  Pseudo, Prince and 4Pack  –  missed the drink stop

Mothball  – someone thought he was Welsh – plus the real Welsh Udder, Pointy and ShagnFly

Astor and CutLoose have moved back home… (after crowd funding)

Peanuts  –  Being on Q&A on TV.

ChickenDicken using wrong arrows.

3K9  –  Moved into house.. (and is now a 1K9)

4Pack  –  drank the pub dry last week.

Prince  –  defacing checks.

West  –  noting how many pics of Udder in yearbook.

4Pac – for wearing his cocaine tshirt.

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