Run 1931 | 16th October 2018|Goodbye Little Findlay St| Astro & CutLoose

Lakeside Hash run 1931 – Bleakhouse Hotel, Albert Park

Hares:-  Astro and Cut Loose.

$20 food special and last ever drink stop at Little Finlay Street.

Champagne, orange juice and strawberries.

Returnees:- Whippet and Gerbils – from Darwin

                    Quichlay – from China and Thailand

                   Mothball – from Canada and Trinidad

Run described by Klingon as the beach and Lakeside’s sacred place  – 1269/1931.

Walk described by AddOn as beach and gardens and washed out arrows – 1930/1931

Special runs:- Swingers – 202

                      BackAgain – 11

                      Horacio – 99

                      Cyclone – 191


          GG – parking in 1 hour spot.

          AddOn – setting a cracking pace.

          ChickenDicken – late for dinner.

          Klingon – travelling 6000kn to Ayers Rock and not climbing it.

          LotsaFun – ordering “minute steak” – a very small one!

          QuickLay – being sought by police in China.

          Lubang and OldBoar – red light runners.

          CheeseCake – Still here! – has to drive Whippet home.

          Whippet – running New York marathon.

          Prince – Pseudo not coming back as he stole her Myki.

          Astor – had Prince’s t-shirt for 2 years.

          CutLoose – using big words.

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