Run 1947 22nd January Botak and Bollywood Toorak.

Lakeside Hash run 1947 Toorak, Brookville Gardens

Hares:-  Botak and Bollywood. With help from PointPost

Visitor:- Rangoon and Always Comes.

Returnees:-    Botak, Bollywood, Pog and IGT2.

Run report:-  Through the mountains of Toorak, past expensive houses and schools

                     Malaysian  type run with very long gaps between checks.  1945/1947

                   Fantastic food  from Bollywood.

                   We missed all the rain forecast but cars were covered in dust.

Specialrun:-  Lubang – 434…(taken by Point Post).

Charges:-    Cheescake – shortcut and led Rangoon astray.

                   Pog – local knowledge.

                   Swingers – bragging about the mug he brought.

                   PointPost and IGT2 – playing with ball – found in gutter.

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