Run 1992 – Back Again @ Dendy Park, Brighton

Run 1992
17th March 2021 from Dendy Park, East Brighton
Hare: Back Again

The first challenge to this run was finding the start. Some of us were new to Dendy Park and didn’t know how big it is. And website instructions were scant, compared to the more personalized e-mailed instructions which some us hadn’t previously looked at.

But what a crowd that turned out! Looks like hashing is back – and we’re all glad about that. 29 hashers signed the book.

The sun was very brightly blinding us – hence the lack of photos this week – as we set off for a jaunt around the park. Pog led us to the left but the arrows went to the right, out of the park and down the main street. Pog caught up and passed us all and continued running to the end of the street. But there were no arrows down there. It turned out that Pog was right in the first place: we were all on a falsie and turned back to the park to run its outer edges. We weren’t there for long before we hit Dendy Road and the back streets of the suburb. Back Again lived up to her name for leading us back again into the western end of the park with the start/end point in full view and looking extremely tempting. (In another lifetime, and another hash, this would’ve have constituted a “hash shit” and the wearing of a toilet lid around the hare’s neck the following week – a consequence of the starting point being in view during the run. However we have outlived those days – thankfully, because this scribe would be wearing it most often for other misdemeanors!)

So we ran out of the park again to the west, into the setting sun, through the streets, and to the north, and then to the west again, and then to the north again, with a few Hash Halts which didn’t halt or slow down anybody, and then eventually heading east again – back again along Dendy Road through a different entrance point and back to the start/finish. Lovely!

Chicken Dicken accepted the invitation to give the run report. Hmmm… We all shook in our boots and were hoping we would not have to plead with Back Again to come back again, after CD’s little critique of the run. But it was all taken in joviality and the score was given.

The walk! That sounded brilliant! The hare took the walkers for a 2km exercise boot camp around the park’s outdoor gym stations. That beats running any day for me but I didn’t do it. It was given an excellent mark.

Cheesecake had taken $9 from each of us for fish and chips with which she returned just after the circle. So we all ate, drank and talked in the dark and had a merry ole time.

Welcomed back Hooray C.O., Neil and Sarah (names needed) and others we haven’t seen for a while – Swampie, Whippett and Cut Loose, and those tarts who run all over the world and the country and are always welcome back here – RooDog, who is off again soon back to wet NSW; and the quiet ones like Peanuts.

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