Run 1994 – D&EH3 – Oakleigh RSL – Happy’s 1000th Run

Happy‘s 1000th Run

Run No. 1994
31 March 2021
D&E’s Combined Run for Happy’s 1000th Run
At Oakleigh RSL

Well little miss temporary scribe here feels like she’s been on one huge Nash Hash for the last three weeks – catching up with loads of other Melbourne and regional hashers – first at RPH AGPU, then WSH AGPU, then Cooch’s Bike Hash in Castlemaine and finally Happy’s celebration of 1000 runs with D&E. It’s been great to catch up with fellow Melburnians, and Ballaratians and Castlemanians.

It was a balmy night last Wednesday but I didn’t trust that it would stay that way. Often on a warm day the evening remains cloudless and the temp drops. So, having forgotten to bring a Lakeside pullover, I asked if I could borrow something from someone who’s my size. Bubblegum (from MLH3) came to the rescue but, alas, I was mistaken for Bubblegum, and she for me. Imagine if we were 40 years younger – the mischief we could get up to!

We had a great turn-out from Lakesiders to this run, including the return of Prince (yay!); Klingon and Drag-on, Swampie, Chicken Dicken, Whippet, Lethal, GG, Pointy, Roodog, Wild Rider, Astro, Kokup, Udder, Gargoyle, Punch, Pythag and Pog. We were reacquainted with SHUNT! and Irish -ex Lakesiders.

Our very own Whippett was chosen by the D&E RA (Doona) to give the run report in the circle. In typical Whippett sardonic fashion he described it as 3km f’n’ this and that. I don’t think it was long enough for him. And Happy was joined with Point Post and GG as being 1,000 runners with more than one club.

Back to reunite with Lakeside-only next Wednesday; time to regroup in Albert Park, before the next bout of intra-hashes occurs in Mitcham and Ascot Vale in April and then our very own 2000th Run on 19 May where we hope for a big crowd too.

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