Run 2009 – 4-Pack @ Woodlands Park, Essendon

Hashers came from the far West, the deep South, the genteel heartland and the Prohibition mob for 4 Pack’s run. Udder and Gargoyle had to stop for lunch on the way, but Pythagorarse left after lunch and arrived for dinner.  The city slickers got lost after they crossed the Yarra and everyone got confused in the park in the dark and the run could not start until 4 Pack had roamed the park and mustered everyone.   

There must be something about Ranga’s with mullets – they like to spread the love. 4 Pack chose matching chalk that unfortunately disappears at night.  His burst of shit before the run included instructions to check more than 100m to find trail – to keep the pack together.  I found my first arrow after about 3km. 

Trail started through the park and along a creek reserve before getting into the streets of Essendon, where a friendly cat (planted by the hare?) tried to join the run. The pack blindly followed the FRB’s thinking they must have had ultra violet torches, until the FRB’s started running past near invisible turn arrows and didn’t even know they were off trail.  Then the laggards became the leaders until we hit the straights to Glenbervie Station and Napier Park.  The run was tantalisingly close to Windy Hill and the hare even placed a check nearby in a blatant attempt to suck in the hard core bombers supporters.

The walk/run split was found at about 4km as promised and the walkers had a short walk back to the park or pub.  Runners continued north and eventually ended up at a well stocked drink stop near the freeway, including Fireball whisky to warm the cockles of the heart on a cool night.  It was then a straight run back to the park/pub to finish off a pleasant 6.5km run.

Circle was held in the pub, but the scribe had gone back to the park to get some warm clothes on and missed it.  Hasher’s then enjoyed some great nosh. Pointy’s pizza looked good, Add On’s duck risotto looked even better, but ‘le piece de resistance’ was Finger F*#$?er’s half duck, which he devoured in style.


  • 4-Pack Hare, having too many big bright arrows desecrating the streets of Essendon, recycling a Prohibition run, being a cat lover – and in old hash tradition he downed a pint.
  • Finger F*#$?er & Ring Puncher for being visitors – and to share their brotherly love, they hadn’t seen each other at the last family gathering so they met with us instead.
  • Ring Puncher for doing the run the previous night and not remembering where trail went
  • Pythagorarse for turning up late and stuffing up the start location
  • POG for being POG, and several more as the food arrived

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