Run No 1879: Mothball’s Birthday Bash

Run No 1879: Mothball’s Birthday Run aka

“Don’t let the Truth get in the Way of a Good Story”

Determined Lakesiders battled peak hour on the Monash (and other) freeways fortified with the knowledge a Caribbean feast awaited them at Mothball’s birthday bash.  Anticipation about the DS, which would surely involve lashings of Rum Punch, helped these intrepid thrill seekers stay on track as hours/days/weeks/months passed during the long haul Australian Crawl towards Nirvana in the Gully.  And we were not disappointed, judging by the happy smiles and much rubbing of little round tummies at the end of the night.  Tiger Moth and Mothball delivered another great night of fun, a run with “gentle undulations” and a culinary feast enjoyed by all.

Visitors: Hopalong and May, known to many Lakesiders as former Full Moon Hashers, who now live in the States.  GM expressed disMay that May didn’t have a hash name and solved the dilemma by naming her “Mais Oui” (GM still in European trip mode).

Returnees: Tiger Moth (our hostess with the mostess), Saddle Sore from Sydney (who took 2 ½ years to return to Melbourne and reclaim her red toaster from E&B’s house), Lubang and Luboil.

Circle began with Lakesiders over 70 called up for a drink.  After a quick dash for beer resupplies, Udder described the run as a Virgin experience in many ways.  He marveled at the fact a place over the hills and far, far, far away actually existed and it even has a registered postcode. He was gob smacked Pointy had to look at a map and he alleged the aforesaid Point Post was seen to be running – the Pack reeled in shock at such an outrageous suggestion. Forever the numbers man, Udder claimed he’d climbed 284 meters (within 1 standard deviation) and declared the Drink Stop the best……. since last week.

Comfy chairs, blankets and hot toddies were handed out then Lethal began the Walk Report. He challenged the notion Walkers don’t have fun and alluded to irresistible bottom-smacking opportunites when shoelaces wouldn’t behave for a couple of unwary Walkers.  Lethal claimed cruelty on the Run as Walkers puffed up, up and up the “gentle undulations” but agreed the fabulous Drink Stop made it all worthwhile.  He looks forward to next year.

Virgin Sergeant Old Boar tried to control the chaos but ended up having a drink for his efforts.  Charges were made for back-seat drivers, Kokup for breaking check but going the wrong way, Swingers for Paladromic run 161, Astro, E&B, Pointy & Hopalong showing off as they broke into a run 2 metres before the DS.

GM announced we’d practise for the Trivia Quiz at the Xmas Party and discombobulated everyone by saying don’t answer if you know the answer??  Why was this week a Special Run?  No, not just because Mothball has turned 21 again but cause it’s 80 years this week that Mother Hash was established.  Demonstrating the totally random nature of Quiz nights the next question involved the lifecycle of Cicadas then Udder silenced the Pack asking who led the Battle of Crecy in 1346?  Deep, very deep…….very dark (that’s a clue).

Tiger Moth’s fabulous Crème Caramel and coconut delights were scoffed after the obligatory Happy Birthday song.  Udder was so overcome he fell to his knees clinging desperately to Tiger Moth’s ankles begging her to please, please marry him (or at least consider adoption).  The night ended late for Mothball and Tiger Moth – those Restraining Order forms are long and detailed.






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