Run No 1910: Awards Night (Part 1) Prince at Northcote Social Club

Tiger Moth wins the Run/Walk Report for her technology-assisted masterpiece delivered at Nth Fitzroy Arms

Fukawi Award winner Klingon is smiling now but he was pretty grumpy when walkers failed to follow instructions for the 2nd year in a row at his Mitford Street Run


Wet T-shirt award presented to Waitingi Day Hares Old Boar, Prince and Pointy.

The wet, wet, wet Waitingi Day Run also gave Lakeside another Kiwi – What She Said.

Hare Prince was awarded the Injury Award for the sacrilegious act of Burning the Book (attempting to BBQ it on the hotplate) at the 35th Anniversary Run Albert Park

Certificate of Appreciation to hard working E&B who created the Awards and is STILL working day in/day out on the Annual Hash Trash mag.

To be Continued……………………..

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