Run 1894: Gargoyle & Udder Idjit at their city pad St Kilda

LSH Run Report 1894


Melbourne Summer version 1: West & Bollywood in snow jackets, long socks, beanies & sunnies

Melbourne Summer version 2: Yvonne braves short sleeves but Cheesey clings to her jacket

Melbourne Summer version 3: Hooray CO can’t decide so she dons 1/2 sleeved jacket

Melbourne Summer version 4: Long sleeves & scarf for E&B while Codpiece keeps her options open

Melbourne Summer version 5: Tough Prince shows how real Melbournians do it

Last time we saw Racey Tracey it was at this venue & she was Sergeant. A precedent for female Sergeants? See below…….

Black & White image (this version) approved by GG

IGT2 & GG living dangerously in urban Melbourne


GM Astro re-enacts the scene of the tragedy

The drama… it the bloody knee or those shorts?

E&B shows she’s got the balls to be Sergeant

A striptease Sergeant…. never seen before at Lakeside Hash…. or a canny way to rid yourself of Too Many Hash T-Shirts……..

Mothball paying attention in the Circle or just enjoying some zzzzzzzs after Udder & Gargoyle’s fine feast

GM paying attention in the Circle…… or has he been to the Hash Bucket once too often………


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