Run 1892 Report – Mother Brown & Colours at Hampton

LSH Run 1892                                                                                                         by Cheesecake

20 Feb 2019                                                                                                
Hares – Mother Brown and Colours
Location – Shelter shed, Ferdinando Gardens, Hampton

Visitors –
Peter, Froggie

Returnees –
Prickly Bush, Gerbils, Naomi, West

Special runs –
Shu Shu x 77, Hooraytio x 100, Froggie x 1

Run Report by Pog
Mother Brown did little baby arrows and used only 1 bag of chalk. Drink stop 100, trail -50.

Walk Report by Gargoyle
We went this way, then that way, then we couldn’t read the map, but we found the drink stop.

Charges –
-Yvonne for keeping quiet and Shu Shu for being late.
-West for reading the LSH website
-Cyclone Tracy for conquering water tap usage.
-Hooraytio for exercising with 2XU group.
-Cooch for being stranded in Japan
-Shu Shu for talking in circle.
-Is anyone reading this? Have you noticed that the hares are Mother BROWN and COLOURS??
-Cheesecake for not knowing where she lives.
-Prickly for winning an acting award – a real one.
-Udder for involving the Russians in the selection of the next GM.
-Gargoyle and Codpiece on map reading charges.
-Prince and Yvonne for pro Brighton, anti Hampton bias.
-Pog’s ponytail for channelling the late Karl Lagerfeld’s ponytail. (Will he too leave everything to his cat?)
-Astro for talking in circle.
-Kokup for leaping fences in a single bound.
-GG for having new teeth.

Colours sourced our dinners from a local kebab shop which amazingly even serves vegetarian kebabs. Yum!

Mother Brown set a splendid run. However, first he had to erase all evidence of the D&E run set a week earlier. A smart lazy person would simply have re-set the D&E trail and called it an LSH trail. Due to drought conditions rampant across much of Australia, no-one is growing any chalk so late at night Mother Brown haunts dingy Brighton laneways attempting to buy black market chalk from illegal chalk dealers. But with that cute little Mother Browney face of his, the dealers just know he’s not a serious user. Consequently, his trail was long on flour blobs and short on chalk arrows. The flour blob has its uses, but it lacks directional integrity, as in a blob offers 360 potential ingress and egress points. What young MB needs is a flour stamper with an inbuilt flour egress emitting arrow. Next week, or sometime in the future I will provide advice on stamper construction, unless I’ve done it already.

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