Run 1914: Swingers @ The Duke of Wellington

Walk report from Cyclone  –  Confused by Udder and Kokup calling wrong trail

Saw the river and derros and banks and courts.

Got lots of green lights and got misguided by Astro who had a map but could not read it.

Score 1910 /  1914

Run report from Klingon.  –  Hiccup at second arrow by wrong call.

Along the river, over foot bridge. Lots of tight loops.

Passed Swingers office. Confusion at Vic Night Market – difficult to find arrows in crowd.

Flagstaff and Carlton Gardens – long run and hard to find arrows.

Special runs:- 4 Pack – 33

Shiny Dick – 9

Chicken dickin – gone home

GG  – 1212 – gone home

Nicklb – 732  +  E&B  – 723


Boner – pushing button at lights – 9999999 times.

Udder – delusions of grandeur – thinks he is a chick magnet and sex object.

Astro  – missed marking a check.

Gargoyle – singing bawdy songs outside the Christian Science reading room.

Udder is the new sergeant

Charges from the GM:- Colours and Gargoyle – “Write my name in the book”!!

Tiger Moth – map reading.

Udder  – Last day as a working man.

Udder:-   Point Post lost his way for the first time since run #1164 (I blame Swingers).

4Pack – possum in hospital after biting him.

Cut Loose and Astro are homeless.

Mothball charged Swingers  –  Too many cyclists on top of arrows.

Barbara charged the GM  –  Turned off the TV showing the Kiwi cricket.

E&B charged Udder  –  He is feeling guilty about retiring.

Mothball charged Kokup  –  Totally lost on South Bank.

Nicklb  –  Looking for arrows in the river.

Shiny Dick  –  Phone in circle.

Cut Loose charged Tiger Moth  –  not laughing?

E&B charged Peanuts  – being grumpy  –  Someone cheer her up!



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