Run 1913 Water Rat Hotel, South Melbourne.

Hare Astro – Ex Gm’s usually disappear for a rest, but Astro straight into the new GM’s year.

Cyclone’s  first run as GM. (And Udder was already campaigning for a new GM)

Visitor – Circle Jerk from Singapore

Returnees – Cooch, Whippet, Swingers, Nickleby and Point Post.

Award from last year – Best drink stop – Whippet.

Special runs:- What She Said and Back Again – 12

Mothball – 565

Pythagerarse – ?

Swingers – 186

Boner – 206

Walk report from Gargoyle – There was a cute dog and we went past the lake, the Domain and the French Consulate.

Run report from Chicken Dickin – roads, road, roads, cute girls! Score 1910 out of 1913.

Also had a check on the busiest corner of Queens Road


Boner – pushing button at lights – 9999999 times.

Udder – delusions of grandeur – thinks he is a chick magnet and sex object.

Astro  – missed marking a check.

Gargoyle – singing bawdy songs outside the Christian Science reading room.

Udder is the new sergeant

Charges:-         Back Again – short cut.

Cheescake – putting Udder on every page of the yearbook.

Whippet  – finally turning up now he is not the sergeant.

Cutloose charged Astro – Prince reconnoitres and tests and plans every run

Astro wakes up at 3pm and says “maybe I should set the run”.

Whippet, Swingers and Nickleby checked up private driveway.

GG charged Astro – runners and walkers were too close?

Colours and Cheescake still here – usually way past their bedtime.

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