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Grand Master: Klingon Religious Advisor: Whippet Hash Cash: Tiger Moth & Mothball Grog Master: Janus Checking Chicken: Silent But Deadly Sergeant at Arms: Clitus Soc Sec: Egg & Bacon Pie On Sec: The Shah Hash Haberdash: Gumboot Hare Raiser: Prince Hash Flash: Stuckon Web Master: Klingon

Run 1129, 11 Jan 2006 Hare: Egg & Bacon Pie Venue: Gardens opposite the Botanical Hotel, Domain Road

We got together at the tail end of Botanical Gardens in reasonably high sprits. Because Janus was flying off to Seychelles on Wednesday plus Clitus and Gum Boot came over to deliver Sergeant at Arms costume before they move to Adelaide on Thursday. But we also got Helen, Dana and Taje to run with us. Peter was our visitor from London.

Returnees were Shah, Stuckon and The Boomerang which the later ran after a long absence. The run scored 10 from 10. Cunning Linguistics (20) and Tiger Moth (60) had significant runs and Sooty got his well groomed certificate for his 100 runs.

E&B brought something new to the run and gave us whole instructions before the run which didn’t benefit us during the run at all. She overcame her instructions few times yelling on backs behind the pack!

Sooty took the first Down Down for All Blacks captain retirement and Add On was spotted again icing runners tired legs. E&B’s arrows started to shrink as we progressed in the run and Gerbils was lost trying to short cut the run. Whippet spotted Chiko sheeting in the park and charged Klingon and Mothball found inconsistency in Cooch’s run records. Klingon also was accused of abusing animals letting Chiko pulling him up the hill complaining that Chiko is a working dog. Peter and Dana hadn’t had hash names yet but didn’t stop talking during the run while E&B was selling T-shirts during the circle.

We didn’t manage to watch an open space movie or attend the live show in the park but everybody enjoyed the colorful dinner E&B provided for us.

On On

Scribe: Shah


11th Annual Red Dress RunSaturday Feb 18th – 4:00 PM for 5:00 PM start The Oxford Scholar Hotel – cnr Swanston & A’Bekett Streets Cummingwelth H3 2006 10-12th March 2006 – Oxford Scholar Hotel – 427 Swanston St. Refer here for more details.

Upcoming Events Next Full Moon run: Run No.70, 4pm 15 Jan 2006. Hare: Ivan  Melways 273 B3.

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