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Grand Master: Klingon Religious Advisor: Whippet Hash Cash: Tiger Moth & Mothball Grog Master: Janus Checking Chicken: Silent But Deadly Sergeant at Arms: Clitus Soc Sec: Egg & Bacon Pie On Sec: The Shah Hash Haberdash: Gumboot Hare Raiser: Prince Hash Flash: Stuckon Web Master: Klingon

Run 1132, 01 Feb 2006 Hare: Klingon Venue: Wing Loong Restaurant, 11-13 Heffernan Lane, China Town

A record run!!! We climbed three floors to get to the home! There wasn’t any Chinese runner in the Chinese New Year run! There were more female runners than male runners! There were more walkers than runners! And only Whippet could manage to find the track and follow the run!

Should we add Klingon’s Chinese New Year Run to the World Guinness Record Book?

We started the run from the Chinese restaurant and followed few arrows we managed to find. We went through the QV and ended up in Burk Street where we lost completely. After few attempts to find the track we made our own run. We went to Flinders Street and went up to Spring Street where we found the arrows. But they were wrong way. We ultimately walked back home. The run scored 20 from 29.

Pippy Ugly Stockings (Canadian teacher in China), Carrie Ann Gauagher and Rolf Harris were visiting us and Shah (66) and Prince (157) had significant runs.

Prince, Hare Raiser, was accused of not knowing the run venues and we luckily found a Chinese waiter to celebrate Chinese New Year with us in the circle.   Rolf and GG had a dispute to solve around a wine testing ticket that GG found in Fed Square. Rolf wanted it for her brother and GG was claiming that he found it first.

Klingon was called “Course Coordinator” in the restaurant which was added to his previous titles. GG and Screw Top were found smuggling things outside Frankston.

Snow Bitch got a low profile charge. GG pointed that Pippy Ugly Stockings is wearing hat during the circle and was explaining it to her in way that neither I understood nor Sooti. Tiger Moth and Moth Ball were charged in advance for their absence in next two runs, they have visitors from Canada. Dana took the last charge of the run for carrying umbrella during the run.

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Scribe: Shah


11th Annual Red Dress RunSaturday Feb 18th – 4:00 PM for 5:00 PM start The Oxford Scholar Hotel – cnr Swanston & A’Bekett Streets Cummingwelth H3 2006 10-12th March 2006 – Oxford Scholar Hotel – 427 Swanston St. Refer here for more details.

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