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Grand Master: Klingon Religious Advisor: Whippet Hash Cash: Tiger Moth & Mothball Grog Master: Janus Checking Chicken: Silent But Deadly Sergeant at Arms: Clitus Soc Sec: Egg & Bacon Pie On Sec: The Shah Hash Haberdash: Gumboot Hare Raiser: Prince Hash Flash: Stuckon Web Master: Klingon

Run 1131, 25 Jan 2006 Hare: Barterbitch Venue: The Rising Sun Hotel, South Melbourne

Barterbitch, a superb hasher, set a single run and organized three different hash clubs to run it. She is so efficient!

We left our home venue in South Melbourne, crossed  Clarendon Street, went through few parks and briefly passed Albert Park after the brand new Commonwealth Games swimming pool. Pregnant Pose gave the run 69 from 81.

Deeper, Barterbitch, Clanger and Pregnant Pose who celebrated her 50’th run in Cyprus were our returnees. GG celebrated his 650’th run.

Lotsa Fun and Nickle B were heading to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and GG had some medicine on his nose as a result of him sneaking his nose to a hole. Lethal, conducting Oasis was our guest sergeant in arms and Barterbitch told us the history of Highly Infection drinking beer from his shoes in GG’s runs while Lizard didn’t explain to Highly the deadly punishment of wearing new shoes in the first place.

Whippet was spotted in giving bad training to the new hashers and Tar-Jay reminded us of the party he organized in Brisbane with 170 guests.

Though we got a glimpse of Albert Park, Barterbitch was charged for not taking us whole the way around the lake. Klingon asked Deeper some advise how to deal with ex wives and Astro was drunk as usual.

Quasimodo bought a new house and before her discussion with Whippet about the drinking beer in the hash. Tiger Moth was praised for her good looking skirt and she joined Mark who had really big cast.  

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Scribe: Shah


11th Annual Red Dress RunSaturday Feb 18th – 4:00 PM for 5:00 PM start The Oxford Scholar Hotel – cnr Swanston & A’Bekett Streets Cummingwelth H3 2006 10-12th March 2006 – Oxford Scholar Hotel – 427 Swanston St. Refer here for more details.

Upcoming Events Next Full Moon run: Run No.70, 4pm 15 Jan 2006. Hare: Ivan  Melways 273 B3.

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