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Run 1136, 22 Feb 2006 Hare: Tangles Venue: Blackburn Hotel Whitehorse Rd Blackburn

It was a quiet affair, more like dinner for six than a Hash run. From memory, GG, Colours, Snowbitch, Pointpost, Sooty, Prince and myself were there, and possible a couple more I’ve forgotten. Tangles, the hare was there too; he warned us not to do the full run, so we had a leisurely walk around Blackburn Lake in twos and threes. Claiming local knowledge, I directed Prince confidently in 180 degrees the wrong direction, but two little old local ladies fortunately put us right. For the first time, possibly, Laksiders went to another Lakeside run scheduled simultaneous to our official run. Then we had a nice dinner and all went home without having a circle, also possibly a first. At least it got a write-up, though not much of one, and late at that.

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11th Annual Red Dress RunSaturday Feb 18th – 4:00 PM for 5:00 PM start The Oxford Scholar Hotel – cnr Swanston & A’Bekett Streets Cummingwelth H3 2006 10-12th March 2006 – Oxford Scholar Hotel – 427 Swanston St. Refer here for more details.

Upcoming Events Next Full Moon run: Run No.70, 4pm 12 Feb 2006. Hare: Bloodhound.

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