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Grand Master:   Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly Relig. Advisor: Yolanda “Screw Top” Shaw Hash Cash:  Mirian “Tiger Moth” Cruz Grog Master: Mark “Whippet ” Willetts Checking Chicken:  Nick “NickleB” Leicester  Sgt@Arms:  David “Mothball” De Freitas Soc Sec:  Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Gierke On Sec:     Reza “The Shah” Gharavi Hash Haberdash: Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Hare Raiser: Phillip “Prince” Johnson Hash Flash: Anyone? Web Master:  John “Klingon” Perkins

Run 1209, 30 May 2007 Hare: Committee Venue: Yarra Hotel, Johnston St Abbotsford  

Tell me if you are a serious Collingwood supporter like GG and you are setting a run in Abbotsford. Yes, Indeed! You expect GG to take you to Victoria Park to remind yourself Collingwood, nor any other Victorian club have any chance to win the championship and you should steak to the history buried in the Jock McHale Stadium. Codpiece takes us through it! We head off back roads to Yarra River, taking the narrow track alongside the Yarra, up hills, down hills to Studley Park where most of the pack went home except Cooch, Shah, NickleB, Lotsa Fun and Pointy who found the trail back to Johnston Street to home. Lotsa Fun was happy with Prince not to force her to climb the steep hill in the narrow Yarra track. Hence, she gave the run 20 which added up to 23 from 25 with the Codpiece score. Prince did a good job on the BBQ and cooked all yummy sausages and burgers while Cheesecake brought in cheesecake for dessert. Two Bottoms and It Wasn’t Me were the returnees while Lubang (3.5), Boxy (13), Lotsa Fun (233), Mothball (320) and GG (231) had significant runs.

Shah witnessed Mommies Boy talking French while Cooch ran bloody side roads and Pointy read the GG’s checks back to front. E&B charged Lubang for his overconfidence to tell the pack that the trial wasn’t up the hill which it wasn’t and Whippet paid penalties for his last minute business trip which forced Cheesecake to bring the beer. Cheesecake had a discussion with his sergeant, Mothball, and told him that if he is late in the run she will eat his sausage! Then Mommies Boy started another of his memorials talking Jakarta, Jamaica, Jaforsa. Codpiece believed that whenever we run from Collingwood, the weather is crap but it didn’t stop Mothball to comment radically stereotyping on the sheeps in the Collingwood Children Farm as New Zealanders, Pointy and Prince. Meanwhile, E&B charged Shah for not knowing when his wife arrives and Boxy had another dilemma finding Abbotsford from Bondura. Mothball lied of leaking in the men gallery where he used to live and Cheesecake couldn’t send her secret e-mails to Cooch because E&B would check Cooch’s e-mails. NickelB took a fashion charge for wearing his yellow short since 1990s, GG took a low profile charge and Cheesecake took the down down for taking Truth magazine home which Shah witnessed was full of pictures of naked women.    

Scribe: The Shah  


New LSH3 rugby top for sale!  Available in several colours; collar is denim.  $30.  ‘How to order’ details to follow from ‘E’n’B.

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Next Full Moonrun: Run No. 87, at 3pm 27 May 2007. Location: Nerre Nerre Warren Picnic area on Brady Rd. Endeavour Hills, Mel.81-K11. Hares: Nils (Top Gum) & Ilze (Bubblegum) Broders.

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