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Grand Master:   Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly Relig. Advisor: Yolanda “Screw Top” Shaw Hash Cash:  Mirian “Tiger Moth” Cruz Grog Master: Mark “Whippet ” Willetts Checking Chicken:  Nick “NickleB” Leicester  Sgt@Arms:  David “Mothball” De Freitas Soc Sec:  Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Gierke On Sec:     Reza “The Shah” Gharavi Hash Haberdash: Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Hare Raiser: Phillip “Prince” Johnson Hash Flash: Anyone? Web Master:  John “Klingon” Perkins

Run 1211, 13 June 2007 Hare: Cooch Venue: 115 Buckingham St Richmond

Have you seen any Lakesiders more committed than Cooch and E&B? E&B who had enough back pain not to go to work put lots of effort into preparing a yummy dinner while Cooch set another good run and ran with us and checked it himself.

The only down size of Cooch’s run was its similarity to Lotsa Fun’s run week before. This occurred due to Cooch’s absence the week before in the run which NickleB set and lack of communication between Cooch and E&B before setting the run.   Overall, It Wasn’t Me showed how quickly she is learning tricks of trade and found few checks while she was only walked. It Wasn’t Me gave the run 2 from 25 but everybody including her was impressed with the hot food in the cold winter night and gave it 26 from 25 for food.

Rolf Harris and Dangerous returned to the run, Dangerous in best dress and make up. Tigermoth (111), Lubang Oz (11), Mommies Boy (292) and Rolf Harris (90) had significant runs where Rolf was busy enough with her doctorate to run ninety runs in five years.  Mothball took charge of the circle and gave a down down to Lubang Oz first for ending up on the ground on the first block. Mothball also remembered Codpiece’s story confessing that she can’t navigate nor read a map.

Mommies Boy was holding his back after E&B felt back pain in her back and Shah got lots in his way to Sugarloaf Reservoir and ended up in Box Hill. Cooch was accused of plagiarism and Mothball reminded NickleB to steak to his turf. Committee is due to renew this week and Klingon, Whippet, Tigermoth; Mothball who were not charged already took a low profile. GG was the next victim for Collingwood loss to Melbourne and Mommies Boy couldn’t forgive Shah for his story about Beatles nor he could believe Shah’s way of story of Point Post playing in London in 1975.

Whippet took next charge for his effort to consume fourth red wine bottle in the night while GG, himself from Colac, reminded Mothball, Tigermoth, E&B and Cooch that they could get a beautiful fruit and fantastic vineyard if they would have joined him in Colac. In response, GG was reminded that he is a beer drinker not a wine drinker. Whippet apparently got 8 in footy tipping 3 weeks before which he didn’t remember while Codpiece got 8 right tips in three weeks.  

Scribe: The Shah  


New LSH3 rugby top for sale!  Available in several colours; collar is denim.  $30.  ‘How to order’ details to follow from ‘E’n’B.

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