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Grand Master:   Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly Relig. Advisor: Yolanda “Screw Top” Shaw Hash Cash:  Mirian “Tiger Moth” Cruz Grog Master: Mark “Whippet ” Willetts Checking Chicken:  Nick “NickleB” Leicester  Sgt@Arms:  David “Mothball” De Freitas Soc Sec:  Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Gierke On Sec:     Reza “The Shah” Gharavi Hash Haberdash: Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Hare Raiser: Phillip “Prince” Johnson Hash Flash: Anyone? Web Master:  John “Klingon” Perkins

Run 1210, 06 June 2007 Hare: Lotsafun Venue: Beehive Hotel Barkers Rd Hawthorn

Imagine what the earth will look like without smoking. Every individual Lakesider was impressed with the venue that Lotsa Fun picked for her birthday. Pointy was right to declare it the best birthday run we ever had.  Udder wished not to follow Pointy who wasn’t sharp to pick the trials and Lotsa Fun provided a yummy carrot cake which Shah almost ate his fingers with it. E&B took a free tax consultation advice from Udder who gave 62 from 129 for the run and 11 from 10 for the carrot cake. Pokeahader from Sydney’s Virgin Hash visited us, 635, Twisted Sister and Lube Oil retuned.

Meanwhile, Lube Oil (10), Cheesecake (269) had significant runs. Co hare, Lotsa Fun didn’t know the run that Nickle B set and 635 and Mommies Boy had a long discussion over the dinner over the presence of George and John. Cheesecake appeared to be injured result of practicing on the weekend. Mommies Boy was the guest of honor in Sheikh Prince Palace where Prince cooked sparklingroast ham with prawns, apricot and baby potatoes in parsley. Prince didn’ reveal the secret recipe. Udder brought us back the news from his working luxury trip to Seychelles that Ganus has become the GM of Seychelles Hash. Lube Oil suggested to fellow walkers to have a cup of tea at her place, close by to the run and E&B was accused of designing shirts which no longer available.  

Night of the discovery!

Mommies Boy discovered that Elvis Costello, Pointy, had his own band in London. Meanwhile, Udder discovered that Prince is a Murray born in Kumera, a Natahoo tribe in South Island New Zealand. Lube Oil and GG had some sex discussions and Udder tipped less right tips when he could get more if he didn’ tip.  

Scribe: The Shah  


New LSH3 rugby top for sale!  Available in several colours; collar is denim.  $30.  ‘How to order’ details to follow from ‘E’n’B.

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Next Full Moonrun: Run No. 87, at 3pm 27 May 2007. Location: Nerre Nerre Warren Picnic area on Brady Rd. Endeavour Hills, Mel.81-K11. Hares: Nils (Top Gum) & Ilze (Bubblegum) Broders.

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