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Grand Master:   Phillip “Prince” Johnson Relig. Advisor: David “Point Post” Shearn Hash Cash:  Mirian “Tiger Moth” Cruz Grog Master: David “Mothball” De Freitas Checking Chicken: Lai “Lotsa Fun” Leicester Sgt@Arms:  Nick “NickleB” Leicester  & Phillip “Mummies Boy” Edwards Soc Sec:  Dana “Dangerous” Clementz On Sec:  Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly  Hash Haberdash: Lorraine “Egg & Bacon Pie” Hare Raiser: “The Shah”, “Flem “& “It Wasn’ Me” Hash Flash: Eva “Codpiece” Cox Web Master:  John “Klingon” Perkins

Run 1215, 11 July 2007 Hare: It Wasn’t Me Venue: Prince Alfred Hotel, Carlton

Such an excellent run! It brought back memories of uni days to Shah and other Lakesiders studied in Melbourne and also encouraged Craven from Texas to join us.  I forgot to say what I am writing this slim report on behalf of cheesy Cheesecake’s report. She has taken off overseas. Indeed! Cheesecake like Dangerous took off overseas as soon as they took the job in Lakeside’s committee.

It Wasn’t me set the same run from Prince Alfred few weeks back but only few show up and all got lost. Hence, as It Wasn’t Me was committed to demonstrate how good she sets runs, she set another one. But this time she set it back to front which confused Mothball and Flem who still remembered the last run.  We kicked off from the pub visiting Low school before heading to Flemington Road and Parkville. Prince and Shah discussed the new Melbourne Children’s Hospital to let Mothball catch up to join handful of runners to witness a brilliant city view from the Royal Park.

As Prince was checking to see if anybody’s behind, Cooch took the opportunity to kick off few checks ahead of the rest of the pack but we caught up with him in the University Crescent where Shah, Cooch and Flem ran around the oval in the honor of all uni students. The pack checked most of the buildings in university including the Dr Rolf’s office before heading home to witness the discussion between Dr Craven and Dr Rolf. Shah, Co hare raiser with It Wasn’t Me, didn’t let the committee down and gave the run 46 from 45. Sooty meanwhile, surprising visited us before heading to the Kiwis Island.  Colours fresh back from Traveling in Russia and Tasmania joined Rolf who will finally graduate next month to witness Pointy’s 581’s and Flem & It Wasn’t Me 19th runs.

Prince announced an election to consider D&E’s request to run with Lakeside. After the vote count, setting a joint run was agreed. Mothball accused Lubang Oz of not seeing checks nor arrows while Mommies Boy used his experience to guide runners to wrong tracks. E&B in other hand took her time to house hunt in Parkville and sent Cooch to talk to the bank managers. Mothball told a story of a scarf which was left behind in the rugby match between Australia and New Zealand. After an extensive research Mothball found that the scarf belonged to E&B where Cooch borrowed it and left it behind. Whippet finally brought in the year book which Gerbils prepared and Mothball picked the photo where he was perking at It Wasn’t Me. Prince as you expect from an organized teacher, brought in his agenda for the circle while E&B witnessed Lotsa Fun missing the Vic Roads’ office. Nickel B came to rescue Lotsa Fun by saying that she works in Kew not Carlton but this didn’t stop Lube Oil to get charged. Pointy as usual check the checks back to front before Whippet and Nickel B took a low profile charge.

Scribe: The Shah  


New LSH3 rugby top for sale!  Available in several colours; collar is denim.  $30.  ‘How to order’ details to follow from ‘E’n’B.

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