Run 1641 Report

Date: 17-Dec-14

Hare: Pog

Venue: Brookeville Gardens Toorak

Anyone who remembers GG, an old cranky guy who never reads these reports, will know that he set several LSH runs from Brookeville Gardens. Pog has taken over GG’s mantle – only in the sense that he sets terrific runs from this venue, not that he’s old and cranky. Plus we know Pog can read so any similarity between him and GG stops right here. Despite jetlag, Pog having just flown in from the Philippines, he set a nice long run through the better parts of Toorak/South Yarra plus a trail for the walkers. His young daughters were put to work pouring drinks at the drink stop, while back at the gardens we had lots and lots of sausages.

For afters we shared Prince’s chocolate birthday cake.

New Lakesiders

Janet, Barbie’s Box, Flora


Faucett from Broome and Bristle from Darwin.


Peanuts, Shaved Pussy

Sweaty Box described the run – we ran in daisy chains, there were some nasty on-backs up hills, there were SCBs, there were lots of steps but not many checks. It was a runners run.

Janet described the walk – there were some great houses, lots of cobblestone laneways and she loved the drink stop. They awarded the run/walk/food 57/65.


Wet patch was acting Sergeant

  • Pog for being the hare.
  • E&B for stealing a salad, and a salad bowl and salad dressing from the Half Moon Bay Life Saving Club.
  • Cut Loose for receiving said stolen goods.
  • Big Ears for being a lookalike for Mother Trucker.
  • Cut Loose for being scared on on-on calls.
  • Pointy for clocking up 880 runs and then walking home.
  • Cheesecake for sleeping with a Broomer hasher to get a Broome T shirt.
  • Prickly Bush for clocking up 90 runs.
  • Colours for wearing Astro’s shirt.
  • Shoe Shopper for being E&B’s secret admirer.
  • Bristle for letting Harpo off his lead.
  • Big Ears for letting Mother Trucker take charge, of Harpo?
  • Klingon for pouring beers that are so frothy they need a spoon to reach.
  • Bristle and Faucett for forgetting their jumpers, Melbourne in summer is like Broome in winter.

Today is Prince’s 65 birthday and tomorrow is Mother Trucker’s birthday.

Scribe: Cheesecake


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