Run 1648 Report

Date: 4-Feb-15

Hares – Pointy and Deeper

Venue – Anderson St Bridge BBQs Sth Yarra

Lakeside Run Report – One Sex Four Eight

Waitangi Day Run

The Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 made New Zulland part of the Bretish Impire and not part of Australia, thenk hivens.

New Zulland is very dufferent! The South Wairarapa District Council doesn’t worry about important stuff like the economy or world piss, but eggonises about compulsory dog micro-chupping for pitts. Working dogs don’t need to be micro chupped so a Wairarapa couple, who don’t like micro-chupping, are arguing that their tin Pekingese are working dogs who scare the bejesus out of the ship on their 48 hicktere ship-farm by barking at the ship from the beck of quad bikes. Now the parties are in court. If the farmers don’t win they’re off to the Pruvvy Council in England.

Above – a New Zulland ship dog and scared New Zulland ship.

Lakeside welcomes pitts. We love running with Toffee, Harpo and Petch, although we’ve niver hed kuttens on a run, apart from Aristoket.

The Botenic Gardens prohibits – runners, dogs, and wheeled vehicles. So about 20 heshers raced through the gardens, with Toffee and young Kiven on his scooter close on our heels. On through South Yerra, past the police academy, down to the river and onto Melbourne High School. Then we went down market and crossed over to Richmond. Some grimy Richmond beck streets lead us to Gosch’s Paddock and home past the soccer stadium.

It was a long run so thenk hivens Klungon brought the chully buns so we could hev a bier or even a sucks peck. Pointy prepared dinner with lots of salads, hem and salami.

I got button by a mosquito so I but the bugger beck.


Young Matthias, being a tall lad, soars over us all like the wedge tail eagle. Bunjil the Eagle is from Aboriginal mythology,and Wikipaedia sez the following about Bunjil

“According to one legend, after creating the mountains, rivers, flora, fauna, and laws for humans to live by, Bunjil gathered his wives and sons then asked Crow, who had charge of the winds, to open his bags and let out some wind.”

We thought, if Matthias wants to let out some wund, then he should do it beck in Germany. We named him Baron Von Bunjil the Eagle, or Wedgie for short. NickleB did the honours.

Cooch described the run – he didn’t know whether it went through the Botenic Gardens anti clockwise or clockwise. Thereafter we passed lots of other parks but niver ran through them.

Story Teller described the walk – they got lost but she remembered seeing a bike made of flowers. Run/walk awarded 938/1000.


Ken Doll, Yummy, Eat Me, Hand Crank.


SOS, Janet, Behind Bars, Jen, Cheesecake, Shoe Shopper, Wet Petch, Aristoket.

Special Runs

Cut Loose x 136, 2 Bottoms x 116, Behind Bars x 136, NickleB x 569, SOS x 64, Gargoyle x 100.


  • Aristoket and Cheesecake for wearing new shoes.
  • Pointy, Deeper, SOS for being New Zullandish, and Behind Bars who lived in Palmerston North for a month. Second prize was two months.
  • Pruckly Bush for wanting a new down-down song.
  • Ken Doll and Barbie’s Box for doing things in a box, and Sweaty Box for being a box.
  • Hand Crank for getting lost.
  • Eat Me for whinging.
  • Two Bottoms charged the hash choir, involving Blood Sucker.
  • Mother Trucker for being hen pecked.
  • Spread on, Pruckly Bush, Deeper, Ken Doll got charged for I know not what.
  • Cooch for finding and running part of SOS’s wedding run over the railway brudge – only two years late.
  • Wet Petch, Estro for heving beards and Deeper for not heving a beard.
  • An Asian Cup soccer charge for Kokup who hes a nephew in the Australian team and SOS representing Korea.
  • Cheesecake for doing excellent write-ups involving photos of Udder.

WSH AGM at Colonial Hotel 24 Feb

Red Dress Run 14 Feb.

Hash Song Sung in Mandarin thenks to Lotsa Fun and Klungon.

Just the one ….

What do you call a sheep tied to a lamp post in Wellington? A leisure centre.








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