Run 1744 | 7th September 2016 | Kokup & Punch @ The Clare Castle

Our first almost warm night for a while and 19 runners turned up.

A long run with confusing trail – not marking when going round corners – so a bit of searching required.

Twice I found the walking trail from the wrong direction so I had a fair guess as to the direction of the drink stop.

Near the beacons I found trail going the wrong direction, so followed it backwards to the drink stop.

The walkers had been and gone, Lethal and GG were there and then left and then a long wait for the runners.

When they arrived they said they had run 9.2km just to get there – so about 10km when back to the pub.

Brief run report from Swinger – good drink stop – 8 out of 8.

Briefer walk report from CodPiece   again 8 out of 8

Asked Keine Schnitzel for his score and he said nein.

(Ps  I did not know he played football – found this headline:-
Keine Schnitzel für das ÖFB-Team bei Fußball-EM)

Visitor:- Keine Schnitzel

Special run:- Lethal 400 runs.

Sergeant for the night:- Mummies Boy

  • Lethal – according to E&B his father played for Carlton
  • Swingers – Prince claimed he had an unathletic running style – actually swept back.
  • Prince for tanking – holding back for Vic bike ride
  • Punch for having a Grosse Schnitzel
  • Kokup  for having a trail contradiction at the tram stop – a technical fault.
  • GameOn – 50 games – Sorry Klingon meant runs.
  • Klingon for not knowing GameOn  had run.
  • Keine Schnitzel for being a gentleman.
  • Old Boar – has a rental car (Volvo) does not know how to lock it. Hopefully still there afterwards.
  • Point Post – running backwards to drink stop.
  • Kokup – no cutlery at drink stop to consume the solid beer – frozen.
  • Mummies Boy wanted to charge Kokup for watching his favourite TV program – the Dutch show ‘Adam Zoekt Eva’ (Adam looking for Eve) but charge was rebounded. (This show shows all the tums and bits – unlike the American shows like ‘Dating Naked’ and ‘Naked and Afraid’, which pixelate everything.)

Scribe: Point Post


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