Run 1746 | 21st September 2016 | Udder Idjit @ Elsternwick Hotel


As you all know, Aldi, with German technology and research at its disposal, has developed the perfect flour for hashes around the globe. So off I went to the newly opened Aldi store in Mornington East and purchased our usual items and the special flour. It clearly said on the package that the product was suitable for marking hash trails including deserts, snow, jungle and urban environments. I was well impressed and so the flour was placed in my stamper vesion3 and off I went at the 3.37pm from the Elsternwick Hotel. Full of confidence, I had no qualms about setting a run during a bit of rain, safe in the knowledge that Aldi flour would measure up to its claims.

Well! After setting the run that passed through Elsternwick Park, down to the beach, along the beach path, up Dudley St, to Gardenvale station, along the canal and then to home. I was well pleased.

Then came the actual run. Gargoyle and I were chomping at the bit to come on the run and walk, but someone had to look after the bags and provide Punch with someone to talk to.

At 7.49pm, things were getting desperate. Where were the runners? By 8pm, as the meals were being served, the runners returned and yelled and cursed at me with words never written in the Bible. It seems that the Aldi flour was not fit for purpose and I had been duped!


And so to the run report.  Swingers described the run in unflattering terms.DSC_0167

It seems that most of the flour had been washed away by the rain and the runners lost trail at the beach. They made up their own run and hence it took a long time to complete. I was given a 3 out 10 for the run. This cheered me up a bit, as my average run score prior to this run was 2.653 and it has increased to 2.712.

Lethal, who is now one of my best friends, scored the walk at 11 out of 10.

Yes dear readers, I have been in intense trauma counselling since Thursday, and the psychiatrist had advised me to stay away from Aldi and buy flour at Coles in future.

Returnees – Cheesecake, Peanuts, Horatio and Old Boar

Sergeant for the night:- Mummies Boy


    • GG – For trying to pick up a dog
    • Horatio – For trying to pick up Swingers (in her car)
    • Udder- For a paucity of trailDSC_0166
    • Lethal and Peanuts – Beaten by a cripple (GG)DSC_0195
    • Old Boar – Memory FailureDSC_0179
    • Mummies Boy and Udder I – For stealing the change for the down downsDSC_0199
    • Prickly Bush and Kokup – For noticing that the change was missing and identifying the culprits
    • Lost Jewels and OTT – For masquerading as runners

Scribe – Udder Idjit

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