Run 1817 | 22nd November 2017 | Whippet/Gerbils@Tulip Grove, Cheltenham

HARES: Whippet & Gerbils

VENUE: Hares residence – 42 Tulip Grove, Cheltenham.

This site is near where Astro and Cut Loose used to reside and within walking distance of at least four golf clubs. May be the hash has a lot of keen golfers or maybe curious people to see where Gerbils and Whippet were living. Whatever the reason, in spite of the hot weather, a good crowd turned up. Even E & B was there broken arm and all. All were to be rewarded with a most enjoyable run.

The run headed North up Tulip Grove and ended up with a check on Bay Street. It then proceeded to circle round to the left. I suspect down Jack Street into Olympic Avenue and across a park, along Fir Grove back to Tulip Grove. It seemed longer but this may have been because of the various On Backs and checks. The run then proceeded South down Tulip Grove and along Gilford Road to a check by the railway line. Here the walkers went their own way while the runners headed along the railway back towards Melbourne. It then crossed over and wandered through the back alleyways to eventually meet the rail line and a check. Prickly Bush reckoned it was too early to be going home and it must continue away. Fortunately she was wrong as it went back to Carmen Road. It proceeded down this with a very long On Back where it turned into Glebe Avenue and the Cheltenham Golf Course and a check. The hare seemed very keen to help us here so that the trail was soon discovered leading around the Cheltenham Recreation Reserve. It soon became clear why the hare was so keen on us doing this as we went right round and back to where the check had been only to find arrows had mysteriously appeared leading to a sandy lane beside the golf course. Another check and we reached the drink stop. This was the site of GG’s heart attack, Swingers and Pegmatite’s first run with Lakeside and where a root caused No Balls downfall. Finally the trail led along a path up to Tulip Grove and back to the beer. It should be noted that I have not seen a map of the run and I take no responsibility for the above being an accurate description.

The run was a figure of eight with an added curl around the Cheltenham oval. I thought it a very good run which held the pack together. The hare helped this to some extent by suggesting short cuts to the laggards. The walkers (even those walking the run) all managed to arrive before the runners and gave good reports. The food was bread rolls with cold meat and salad. The bread rolls were very good quality making for an enjoyable meal.

There were a large number of charges most of which I cannot remember. A few I can follow. IBM and Swallower had a welcome drink. I know that in spite of the hot weather Quick Lay decided it might be cold so wore two tee shirts. Two Bottoms at least had the excuse of the European winter with snow to justify his two bottoms. Two Tops alias Quick Lay had no such excuse and was duly charged. Whippet was charged for crossing track. Evidently Melbourne Men cannot cope with figure of eight runs and regard them as illegal. Whippet was also charged for looking like Robert Redford with his moustache. Botak Chin and Bollywood were charged for buying raincoats and not collecting them.

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