Run 1816 | 15th November 2017 | Cooch@Loi Loi Restaurant, Victoria Street, Richmond

HARE: Cooch

VENUE:  Loi Loi Vietnamese Restaurant, Richmond.

Again, there were dire predictions of storms, heavy rain etc, but again it all appeared to be gone when we arrived at the venue. The hare had set the run in flour before the rain passed, but trail was still easily visible.  This time the predictions proved to be somewhat true as there was a light mist towards the end of the run, which was taken to be condensation in the near 100% humidity.  This developed into a light drizzle and then a heavier drizzle just in time for the drink stop.  The RA must have known his luck had run out, so he didn’t turn up, but there is a drink waiting for him.

The first drink stop sign occurred about 2 km from the drink stop and pointed into a posh Kew house with welcoming lights on, gates open and a beaut balcony. Lucky the hare was not far behind and managed to stop the front runners going in.  So we proceeded around the corner and up the hill, thinking the D/S will be in the usual park under a nice old Oak tree to shield us from the light drizzle.  It was not to be as there was another arrow around the corner to the footbridge, and still no drink stop.  Again the D/S arrows kept us forging ahead and across Victoria Street, then thinking Ah!!, its at Buckingham Street, out of the now heavier drizzle.  But no again, there was E&B and her helpers set up at the end of the little park on Victoria Street and out in the open.

Circle commenced and after the down down’s, Kokup gave a brief summary of the Committee meeting held on Sunday.

WALK REPORT: By LubeOil                     Scored 90/100

The three walkers followed trail through the streets and lanes of Richmond down to the river, along the river and over the footbridge. It then went through the park (where GG disappeared) and followed a narrow track along the river to two nasty on backs.  The walk then followed a footpath and onto a road where a car was stopped with it’s blinkers flashing, but no-one was in it.  Given there were only two walkers, both female and the tallest being about 1.25m, they didn’t hang around and kept going up the road and followed trail down to the footbridge and on to the drink stop.

RUN REPORT:  By No Balls                       Scored 95/100

There were some back streets and lanes, but the run quickly went off road as promised and stayed that way for most of the run. There were some familiar goat tracks and some new goat tracks, also as promised, leading around the Yarra and eventually to the Boat House area, where it couldn’t possibly go any further, but it did.  There were a few dodgy looking cars seen along the trail, including a black van, which kept the female hashers running harder than usual to keep up with the pack.  There were also some evil downhill on backs, most of which were taken care of by Whippet.  There were beautiful views along the trail, but the big mystery was ‘Where is the drinkstop?’, especially as there were lots of areas where a drinkstop could have been.

No Balls was a little bashful and failed to mention that after one of the evil on backs, she found herself leading the pack on to the next check, breaking the check and continuing to lead down to the boathouse.


  • RETURNEES – Nil, or so Kokup thought. See later charges.
  • HARE: Cooch.
  • Quicklay, Shu Shu, GG, Klingon, Big Ears: All latecomers.  Some were very late and missed most of the run.
  • Big Ears: Representing the LGBTI community in celebration of the YES vote.
  • Lubang Oz: Lookalike for our RA (lots of white hair – Lubang disputed the lots part) Rain on the run for the first time this year.
  • Prince: Did not know who the RA was.
  • Palindromic run numbers: Lotsafun on the Devils number 666, NickelB on 676 and Hooray C.O. on 66.
  • Hooray C.O. : The run was taking so long, she got hungry and thought she saw some bush tucker.
  • Cooch: Charge taken for E&B as the first drink stop sign was about 5km from the drink stop.
  • No Balls: When she thought the drink stop was in the posh house, got all concerned because she wasn’t dressed properly.

Charges from the Floor:

  • No Balls: Leading the pack, but was so unfamiliar with the position, did not know what to do and stopped.
  • Kokup: Not charging Lotsafun and NickelB as returnees after their journey to Korea for the Pan Asia hash.
  • Lotsafun: Has never seen the Southern Cross.
  • NickelB: Domestic in the circle about when Lotsafun saw, or should have seen, the Southern Cross.
  • Gerbils: Birthday on Monday – and got the Hash rendition of the birthday song.
  • GG: Hanging on to his stubby holder like it was his d___.
  • Swingers: Owns a GG and it is Cup week.
  • No Balls: Rebound.
  • NickelB: For serving thimblefull sizes of beer.
  • Quicklay: For complaining about responsible serving of alcohol to drivers.

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