Run 1821 | 13th December 2017 | Cyclone Tracy@Docklands Park

HARE: Cyclone Tracy

VENUE: Dockland Park.

This was the first really hot run for the year and the temperature was still up in the mid 30’s as the pack gathered. There was a bit of a problem with the run site and as we now know there are three sets of BBQ’s in Docklands Park.  Point Post was parked at the BBQ’s at the river end; Whippet and Kokup turned up at the Collins Street BBQ’s and the hare was actually at the run site at the Bourke Street BBQ’s.  Apparently, a few other hashers also had fun finding the site, so the run was delayed a little.

Cyclone Tracy gave her BOS, showing the trail markings and including the special hash halt marks. There was a short walk of about 4km and the run was about 8km and she was confident that hashers would work out where it was going fairly quickly.  The walk and run were clockwise, but as some runners found out later, the run had a Figure 8 tacked to the end.

Cooch managed to find a hash halt at a Nativity display in Federation Square and waited in vain for the rest of the pack, but they had already realised it was an on back and had found the actual trail. The pack separated along South Bank and never re-united, with what was the tail enders becoming the FRB’s. Another hash halt was found on South Wharf and the four hashers who made it soon realised that no-one else was coming.  There was some anticipation that the hare had arranged for one of the boats moored nearby to ferry us across the river, but this turned out to be a hallucination brought on by the hot weather and did not happen either.  At this stage Quicklay turned off leaving Mother Brown, Swingers and Kokup to continue on trail and then On Home.

Nosh was BBQ’d sausages with roast potatoes, various exotic salads, flat bread and spreads. Some very tasty cold cuts of roast pork and lamb from the Christmas run rounded out the mains and there were mince tarts to finish off.  No-one went home hungry.

WALK REPORT: By Old Boar                   Scored 35/37 (OC)

The walk was by the Yarra River and it was mostly a river walk. The walkers followed trail and chattered and chattered and lost trail. It was a hot day and the walkers thought they should cross the river, whereupon they found trail and again chattered and chattered before they stumbled across the On Home, so they did walk on home.  The walk was very good, in fact it was excellent given the hot conditions and there was a welcome breeze off the river for most of the walk.

RUN REPORT:  By Mother Brown             Scored 35/37

Only three hardy hashers did the full run. It basically went East along the north side of the Yarra River crossing at Princes Bridge and back along the south side.  There were lots of people and the pack was separated by traffic lights in South Bank, so the four tail enders at that stage had to check and find trail, which they did and is why they did the whole run; the FRB’s having found the in trail at the last footbridge and then the On Home.  The run actually continued along South Wharf and returned through the built up areas, where the return trail crossed the out trail near the last footbridge.  It was a hot run, but also a very enjoyable run with most of the trail being alongside the river.

Run 13-12-17 050 Run 13-12-17 012 Run 13-12-17 013 Run 13-12-17 014 Run 13-12-17 015 Run 13-12-17 016 Run 13-12-17 017 Run 13-12-17 018 Run 13-12-17 019 Run 13-12-17 020 Run 13-12-17 021 Run 13-12-17 022 Run 13-12-17 023 Run 13-12-17 024 Run 13-12-17 025 Run 13-12-17 026 Run 13-12-17 027 Run 13-12-17 028 Run 13-12-17 030 Run 13-12-17 032 Run 13-12-17 033 Run 13-12-17 034 Run 13-12-17 036 Run 13-12-17 037 Run 13-12-17 038 Run 13-12-17 039 Run 13-12-17 040 Run 13-12-17 041 Run 13-12-17 042 Run 13-12-17 043 Run 13-12-17 044 Run 13-12-17 046 Run 13-12-17 047 Run 13-12-17 048 Run 13-12-17 049


HARE: Cyclone Tracy.

RETURNEES – Horatio, Quicklay, Shu Shu, Whippet and Mother Brown.

  • Palindromic & Special Runs: Cooch on 707, Quicklay on 55 and Cut Loose with a special 250 runs.
  • Cyclone Tracy: Setting a ‘Sorbent’ run.  Trail was marked in Pink & Blue and Primrose too.
  • Cooch, Prince, Klingon, Whippet & NickelB: FRB’s who became SCB’s cutting about 3km off the run.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Kokup: For not joining Cooch at the first hash halt in Federation Square.
  • Cooch: Sabotaged the run by crossing out trail markings.
  • Quicklay: Getting old and senile.  Got Shu Shu to make dinner and bring it to hash.
  • Prince: Weekly geographic dyslexia.  Wrong Tram stop provided for run.  The stop was at Jolimont Station.
  • Cod Piece: Helped Cyclone Tracy with the food and provided some interesting sight seeing while she was getting out of the car.
  • Mother Brown: Acting as a tourist guide at the start of the run.
  • Prince: Presented with a bag of chips from the spongers at the circle last Saturday.
  • Cod Piece and Whippet: Changed their clothes without managing to show any flesh. (Who was looking?)
  • Cut Loose: Giving directions to DFO.
  • Astro and GG: Rule 1 – No poofters.  (Astro.  Have you got a gun in your pocket?  GG.  I’ll give you one.)
  • NickelB: Served water in an old beer glass – which was strenuously denied – but the charge stuck.

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