Run 1822 | 20th December 2017 | Pog/GG@Brookville Gardens, Fairburn Road, Toorak


VENUE: Brookville Gardens, Toorak.

The pack was the third largest for the year and hashers were reaching for their fleecy lined jackets as the cool wind caused some teeth to chatter before the run in Brookville Gardens. It did not take long to warm up on the run and the conditions were perfect for running hash.

Pog gave his BOS, including some new marks such as an X for a false trail from a check and BN for On Home. He also told us it was a short run, so there was no drink stop and all trail was always on the right side of the road. Trail was probably never more than 1 km from home, but in the end it was a 9.5km run.

Trail followed a long and tortuous path via several back lanes around Brookville Gardens, round loops, along alleyways, main roads and lanes. The hare seemed to have a penchant for false trails over railway overpasses as Whippet will attest to, paying the price for being a FRB.  The many checks and on backs kept the pack together, including walkers and runners and all arrived home within about a minute of the FRB’s.

GG was the silent hare (if that’s possible) and looked after nosh, which was ham off the bone, bread, salads and spreads, including some nice hot English mustard. He was heard complaining that he could not find something small and red, but it was found hidden under a wrinkly fold where it had always been.

WALK REPORT: By Gargoyle                   Scored 2.6/3 (Tests won by Australia)

The walk went through just about every alley in the area, up, down, through, round and round, but it was also beautiful, passing some really big houses and interesting alleyways. It was a long walk sometimes following the runners, sometimes leading them, but a good run and kept walkers and runners together.  E&B added her bit about crossing busy roads not far from crossings, but a bit of road sense won the day.

RUN REPORT:  By Deeper                        Scored 2.69/3

A very original run although it covered familiar territory, with 4 to 5 loops which kept the pack together. Very interesting sights with many large houses (not as big as Frankston).  Like the walk there were a lot of alley ways, shopping strips and arcades and it was well set.  The hare accompanied the pack, alternating between the runners and walkers and some additional arrows appeared from time to time, so we were running to a dynamic trail.  Saw Geelong Grammar and got a bit worried, but a very good run.

Run 20-12-17 028 Run 20-12-17 027 Run 20-12-17 026 Run 20-12-17 025 Run 20-12-17 024 Run 20-12-17 023 Run 20-12-17 022 Run 20-12-17 020 Run 20-12-17 021 Run 20-12-17 019 Run 20-12-17 018 Run 20-12-17 017 Run 20-12-17 016 Run 20-12-17 015 Run 20-12-17 014 Run 20-12-17 013 Run 20-12-17 012 Run 20-12-17 011 Run 20-12-17 010 Run 20-12-17 009 Run 20-12-17 008 Run 20-12-17 007 Run 20-12-17 006 Run 20-12-17 005 Run 20-12-17 004 Run 20-12-17 003 Run 20-12-17 002 Run 20-12-17 001 Run 20-12-17 032 Run 20-12-17 030 Run 20-12-17 029


No Balls, E&B, Prickly Bush and Shu Shu – Inattention, chattering, disrespect, delaying the circle etc etc.

HARES: Pog & GG.

VISITORS: Just Gillian, Vivian and Susan.

RETURNEES – Prickly Bush, Deeper, Pog, Gerbils, Bollywood, Botak Chin and 2 Bottoms.

  • Kokup: Sergeant believes she is not a returnee. (Last run 1819 hmmmm).
  • Runs with lucky 7’s: Cheesecake 627, Cyclone Tracy 137, Point Post 1027, Astro 527, Gargoyle 177, Botak Chin 17, E&B 679, Lotsafun 672 and Dragon 247.
  • Pog: A nice charge.  No expense spared with chalk, large arrows and trail well marked.
  • GG: A lazy bastard charge and one hare drinks, all hares drink.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Deeper & Prickly Bush: Walking down Lover’s Lane, lovestruck and hand in hand.  Prickly Bush was heard to say “I’ve been down here before” & Deeper responded “So have I”.
  • Pog: Setting a Love Run down Lover’s Lane and past the pub of love.
  • Udder Idjit: He’s been down here before also, but he reckons he ran it!
  • Prickly Bush: Window shopping and looking at scantily clad models in Toorak Village for about 0.5 seconds.  Either she heard On On called and did not want to get left behind or saw the price tag.
  • GG: NFI, but apparently it was pretty funny.
  • No Balls: Hare said all trail was on the right side of the road.  No Balls could not break a check because she was looking down the left side of the road.
  • Cheesecake & Astro: Very red & sweaty because they did not see the ‘Hot English Mustard’ label.
  • Just Gillian: Bought a LH3 singlet for cold old London.
  • Klingon: His first Hash run was with London City H3.
  • Addon: Hashing in London recently.
  • Shu Shu: Bored and sleepy charge for yawning in the circle.
  • Whippet: FRB not paying attention.  He followed the walkers and asked if they were on trail.  No???
  • Cyclone Tracy: Impeding the pack by stopping and purving on Deeper and Prickly Bush in Lover’s Lane.
  • Quicklay: Low profile, but expected a big beer.
  • Botak Chin: Flash hat and passed No Balls many times.
  • Whippet: Could not be heard calling trail like a Chi and needs to imitate a Rottweiler or Great Dane.
  • Cyclone Tracy: Hail storm charge.  One Audi written off, but not Deeper’s.
  • Quicklay: Rebound.  Not at LH3 runs enough to see size of down down drinks.
  • Gerbils & Cut Loose: First time anyone has followed Bollywood home.

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