Run 1823 | 27th December 2017 | Gargoyle/Udder Idjit@Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda

HARES: Gargoyle and Udder Idjit

VENUE: The Flat in St Kilda.

Another hot run with the temperature in the mid thirties, but again a fairly large pack for the last run of the year. The hare was not giving much away, except that it was not a long run and there was a drink stop.  After the backpackers invasion of St Kilda beach during the week, there was some speculation about where the trail might go.

The hare managed to include the beach, with the welcome breeze, while staying away from the crowds and then run through some back streets and back through the parklands for a run of about 6 km. There were plenty of checks and on backs which kept the pack together right through to the drink stop, except for Quicklay who somehow became ‘lost’.  The drink stop was refreshing with special St Kilda water being served as a result of the alcohol ban and of course there was the cobb loaf and spinach dip.

Back home, the pool awaited and there were a few hashers keen to cool off, but the alcohol ban in the pool area, kept the rest away. Nosh was corned beef (which the hare stated had been certified by all of the relevant Clerics), sausages, ham and eggs with salads.  The hot English mustard made another appearance for the die hards.

The pack was starting to get restless after nosh and broke into the LH3 song sung before circle in the hope of getting away earlier. It didn’t work, but a few did manage to sneak away early.

WALK REPORT: By Lubang Oz                 Scored 200/350

Apparently the walk mostly followed the run trail and Lubang unsuccessfully tried to defer to the run report. He had a good time on the walk, but found it a little long.  However, the walkers did very well following the runners and all of the checks had been broken in advance by the runners.  All walkers found the drink stop and it was very enjoyable.

RUN REPORT:  By Cooch                          Scored 301/350

It was a great run for a hot day – not too long and everyone enjoyed themselves. Trail predictably took in the boardwalk and then went along the beach, but it was unpredictable in that it could have gone left or right at many locations.  There was a really good ‘teardrop’ section of trail in Albert Park which closed up the pack considerably.  The drink stop was perfect for the conditions and somehow Cheesecake jumped ship from the runners and managed to get there ahead of the running pack. The On Home was clearly defined, but some hashers never follow instructions and Prince went off another way with Swingers.  Overall very impressive and a very nice run.

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HARES: Gargoyle and Udder Idjit.

VISITORS: Narelle (Cut Loose as a lookalike).

RETURNEES – Colours (Cheesecake as a lookalike), Pegmatite, Lubang Oz, Lethal & Prince.

Palindromic Runs –   Lubang Oz on 383 and Cut Loose on 252.

  • Prince, Swingers & Udder Idjit: Shortcut home from the drink stop despite a well marked On Home trail.
  • Udder Idjit: Council had cleaned up the beach, but the hare took trail past all the smelly bins in St Kilda.
  • Pegmatite as a stand in for the Lady on the Boardwalk: Overheard telling her toddler “they are very, very fit people”.  She should not be telling little kids such monstrous fibs.
  • Peanuts as a stand in for Cyclone Tracy: She has got the Clockwise / Anti-clockwise directions right, but now needs to concentrate on Left and Right.
  • Cooch as stand in for Tahlia: Mesmerising a Rainbow Lorikeet which hung upside down on a power cable for a chat.
  • Swingers as a lookalike for Quicklay: For getting lost and not finding the drink stop.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Gargoyle: For washing dishes in the Circle.  Astro has not seen such a thing in 45 years of hashing.
  • Astro: Only had one job to do for Christmas Dinner and that was pick up the gas for the BBQ.  Guess what – he forgot!
  • Udder Idjit: Insisted on Gargoyle doing the washing up.
  • Lethal: Low profile.
  • Lubang Oz: The long walk must have knocked him out and he was sitting in the circle.
  • Gargoyle: Serving Claytons drinks at the drink stop.


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