Run 1824 | 3rd January 2018 | Klingon/Addon@Mitford Street, St Kilda


HARES: Addon & Klingon

VENUE: Downtown St Kilda.

The conditions were perfect for hashing as the pack gathered at Mitford Street. Seven visiting hashers from Geneva H3 and one from New Moon H3 descended upon us boosting the pack size to 38.  Klingon pointed out that the run took in many local sights and challenged the Engineers to pick out the retarding basin.  He then explained the trail markings, much to the amazement of the Geneva crew, who had never seen a stamper before and never use chalk.  They use a tennis ball dipped in flour – saves them bending over.

The run used bits and pieces of previous Klingon runs, but there were not a lot of checks so the pack spread out a bit. It did take in most of the local sights and although it was familiar territory, it was an enjoyable run, despite the pace being a bit faster than usual and the run being almost 10km.

We gathered back home under the weeping tree of knowledge in the front yard and almost emptied the eskies in the first round of drinks. The grogmaster was half a step ahead and had reinforcements, but even he could not have anticipated the size or thirst of the pack and another slab was hastily purchased.  The hare then adopted the generally accepted theory that hashers are not particularly bright and explained in detail how to construct a Vietnamese roll.  Nosh was the traditional pulled pork/chicken with all the ingredients for Vietnamese rolls.  There was plenty of it and as usual, it was delicious.

With the large pack, Udder Idjit ‘volunteered’ to be acting Sergeant (thanks Udder) and a robust circle was held under the tree. The LH3 song was then sung with gusto, but it took the first verse before the Geneva hashers realised the GM was not doing a strip tease or being rude and turning his back on them, but displaying the words of our song on the back of his shirt.

And for those that are interested, the retarding basis is the golf course and Elsternwick Park.

WALK REPORT: By Peanuts                     Scored 9.5/13

The walk went through the most salubrious parts of Melbourne, bias intended. These included Blessington Botanical Gardens, Elwood canal – with three yellow bikes in it, along the foreshore and beach and past St Kilda marina.  There was no drink stop, so the walkers then came home.

RUN REPORT:  By Let Me Look                Scored 9.75/13

The run followed a tortuous route through the Botanical Gardens, followed several streets and emerged at Elwood Canal. It then criss crossed and followed the Canal which included several fence crossings, up to the Golf Course, passing around the fairways and out to Elsternwick Park via the concrete culvert – or another fence.  The pack was spreading out by the time the FRB’s reached Elsternwick Park, where they also caught up with the walkers.  A few more checks or on backs might have helped.  Trail then went through Elwood Park, followed the beach to a Hash Halt at Point Ormond and then past St Kilda marina to home.  There was no drink stop, but the pack posed for a group photo at Point Ormond with clear views of the city and through to Mt Macedon.  It was a very enjoyable run.

Run 3-1-18 001 Run 3-1-18 002 Run 3-1-18 003 Run 3-1-18 004 Run 3-1-18 005 Run 3-1-18 006 Run 3-1-18 007 Run 3-1-18 009 Run 3-1-18 010 Run 3-1-18 011 Run 3-1-18 012 Run 3-1-18 013 Run 3-1-18 014 Run 3-1-18 015 Run 3-1-18 016 Run 3-1-18 017 Run 3-1-18 018 Run 3-1-18 019 Run 3-1-18 020 Run 3-1-18 021 Run 3-1-18 022 Run 3-1-18 023 Run 3-1-18 024 Run 3-1-18 025 Run 3-1-18 026 Run 3-1-18 028 Run 3-1-18 030 Run 3-1-18 031 Run 3-1-18 032 Run 3-1-18 033 Run 3-1-18 034 Run 3-1-18 035 Run 3-1-18 036 Run 3-1-18 037 Run 3-1-18 038 Run 3-1-18 039 Run 3-1-18 040 Run 3-1-18 041 Run 3-1-18 042 Run 3-1-18 048 Run 3-1-18 049 Run 3-1-18 050 Run 3-1-18 053 Run 3-1-18 057 Run 3-1-18 058 Run 3-1-18 060 Run 3-1-18 062 Run 3-1-18 063 Run 3-1-18 066 Run 3-1-18 067 Run 3-1-18 069 Run 3-1-18 070 Run 3-1-18 071 Run 3-1-18 072 Run 3-1-18 073 Run 3-1-18 074 Run 3-1-18 075 Run 3-1-18 077 Run 3-1-18 078 Run 3-1-18 079 Run 3-1-18 080 Run 3-1-18 082 Run 3-1-18 083 Run 3-1-18 084 Run 3-1-18 086 Run 3-1-18 088 Run 3-1-18 089


HARES: Addon & Klingon.

VISITORS: Half of the Geneva H3 including Trisexual, Sherlock, Jack the Whipper, Tarte Citron, Bravefart, Jack Rabbit and In Tent Sex, plus Ah Sole from New Moon H3.

RETURNEES – 2 Bottoms, Let Me Look & Lube Oil.

  • Tarte Citron: At the check before the Golf Course saw a runner cross the oval and said “He’s not one of us – his shorts are too long”, but it was actually 2 Bottoms disguised in a black GG tee shirt.
  • 2 Bottoms: The runner across the oval who needs to buy shorter/sexier shorts.
  • Lotsafun: Did not run through the golf course and missed the opportunity to add to her golf ball collection.
  • Whippet: Did not go through the culvert at the golf course as he would have had an unfair advantage, being able to just run through.

Run 3-1-18 090 Run 3-1-18 091 Run 3-1-18 092 Run 3-1-18 093 Run 3-1-18 094 Run 3-1-18 095 Run 3-1-18 096 Run 3-1-18 097 Run 3-1-18 098 Run 3-1-18 099 Run 3-1-18 100 Run 3-1-18 101 Run 3-1-18 102 Run 3-1-18 103 Run 3-1-18 104

Volunteer Sergeant – Udder Idjit

  • Kokup: Udder did not volunteer and was drafted under duress.
  • E&B: Chaining her bike to the only tree and taking up most of the front yard.
  • Geneva H3: A BBC report today (and ABC) made it official that Geneva is the most boring city in the world.
  • Trisexual & Jack the Whipper: Live in Albert Park and have not previously been to a LH3 run.
  • Point Post as Cyclone Tracy lookalike: Asked Udder what he thought the weather was going to be like on Saturday.  If the BoM don’t know……..especially when the forecast is for 41oC +.
  • Old Boar: Not the Hawaiian shirt!

Charges from the Floor:

  • Udder & 2 Bottoms: Wearing GG tee shirts, believing GG was so crook last week, it must be a memorial run.
  • Klingon: Yellow bike hanging in the porch and another stolen – but they are really shit bikes.
  • Let Me Look: Led E&B along a dangerous channel bank with a shear drop into a drain.  Did not see the nearby hole in the fence.
  • 2 Bottoms: Wearing a GG 1,000 runs tee shirt.
  • Trisexual: Can leave the car and just walk home.
  • Quicklay: Everyone knows the red ones are always fastest, but red socks did not stop Quicklay being a long last to Point Ormond after previously leading the pack.
  • Kokup: Colour blind.  Quicklay’s socks were hot pink, not red.

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