Run 1829 | 31st January 2018 | Mother Brown/Prince@B.J.Ferdinando Gardens, Hampton


HARES: Mother Brown and Prince

VENUE: Shelter at B. Ferdinando Gardens, Hampton

What a difference a few days make in Melbourne. Hashers arrived at the venue in tee shirts ready for the run, but within a few minutes, we all had windcheaters, rain jackets or anything else that would keep out the cold wind.  The temperature was only about 15 degrees and with the wind chill off the bay, it felt more like 10 degrees, but it was good for running.  The most important thing the hare said in his BOS was that there would be no drink stop on the Run and that it would be clockwise together with the usual explanation of trail markings.

Trail was a bit difficult to find as arrows were on any side of the paths or roads, on kerbs, behind trees, up alleys, often faint and varying distances apart. This led to the pack being in disarray and held up on several occasions and led to a gradual attrition of runners as the Run progressed.

Finally, four runners arrived home after 1.5 hours, having followed trail (well we think we did) and clocking up between 13.5km and 9.5km, depending on how many checks or on backs they were caught on.

Nosh was DIY rolls with ham and pulled chicken together with salads and condiments.

WALK REPORT: By Gargoyle                               Score: 1400/1429

Our live Hare set the trail for the Walkers, past the beach then into the suburban area where we saw beautiful houses, though the arrows were pretty sparsely laid just after where the Walker’s trail split from the Runners trail. We had turned in to a street and walked a long way in the same direction, crossing several roads and since there were few arrows, did quite a bit of searching. Lube Oil and Punch were eventually directed by Cheesecake, to follow her in the right direction and having reached a right turn where they found Cheesecake kindly waiting to point out an immediate left turn into the street across the road, then finally crossing the railway line and back towards the beach. It was a good Walk for a live Hare.

RUN REPORT: By Whippet                                  Score:  1299/1429

Setting out on trail the Runners ran along the beach, then turned onto the beach track and immediately began searching for arrows to the left and to the right. Arrows were hard to find and we eventually found trail crossing Beach Road. We then did a big loop around and eventually we all crossed South Road and kept going South. There were several checks where we lost trail, milled around and then found it again. There were more checks, including two back checks which took some time to break and one was down by the water. It was like doing a good old fashioned Run from the good old days.


HARES: Mother Brown and Prince

RETURNEES: Colours, Botak Chin, Cheesecake, Simon & Gerbils.

  • Cheesecake – Last seen at a run 3 weeks ago heading up Malvern Road to buy some shoes. Missed out on dinner and still does not have new shoes.
  • Colours – Powerless. Electricity is off at home, so she came to Hash for a hot meal.


Palindromes: Lube Oil, 292, Mother Brown 33, Udder Idjit 585 from last Friday’s Australia Day Run.

  • Just because I can: Point Post on 1033 Runs

Charges from the Floor:

  • Mother Brown – Size really does matter. Arrows were small and hard to find.
  • Gerbils, Cheesecake – No Hash gear.
  • Simon – The last two times he came to Hash with Swingers, there was little trail to find and tonight he did all of the Run checks and ended up running 13.5 Km. What a man.
  • Prince – Spending hours and hours going as far back as the hieroglyphics to find out when several Runners began Running with Lakeside, or how many Runs they had done before coming back from the dead to run with Lakeside, including how many Runs Udder had done.
  • Udder Idjit – For suggesting Prince had made inaccurate calculations. Udder knows because he is an accountant and everyone knows you can trust an accountant.
  • Gargoyle – Having given Klingon a new lead for Drag On, he’s unhappy because it is too long and stretchy so is dangerous because people will trip over it.
  • Klingon – Ungrateful. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Cheesecake – Having run round to South Road and at about the 5km mark, said “It has to be this way because there’s nowhere else to go.”
  • Gerbils – Not signing The Book.
  • Mother Brown – Asking everyone “What did you think of the Run?”
  • Prince – Also counted Whippet’s past number of Runs when he returned to Lakeside.
  • Swingers – The first Runner to drop out at South Road.
  • Kokup – For listening to anything that Cheesecake has to say.

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