Run 1830 | 7th February 2018 | Prince/Point Post@Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne

HARES: Prince & Point Post

VENUE: BBQ’s in Alexandra Parade by the Yarra for Waitangi Day.

VISITORS: Lee and Anna

RETURNEES: Jack Off, his second Run, welcome back.

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RUN REPORT:  By Klingon                        Scored 696/636

It was quite an unusual Run today, we went to the Morel Bridge and had an On Back. In fact after the Hare’s B.O.S. some wag had Immediately yelled out “Where’s the On Back?” We ran along to Punt Road then back along the other side of Alexandra Avenue, before heading up the hill to the back of the Botanic Gardens and eventually on to The Tan. There were a couple of places on the gravel where many joggers had virtually wiped out the arrows, but eventually it was found heading up to GG’s place. We passed through security outside the Bowl and them made our way through the Domain and up over Princes Bridge to the other side of the Yarra. Trail led along the riverside and back over the Swan Street bridge to the Drink Stop which was lovely and refreshing. Energised, we headed On Home where Point Post and Prince (who were wearing their black and white Kiwi warrior’s headbands) had prepared a special cold leg ham and gourmet salad in honour of our dear departed Runner, Sooty.

WALK REPORT: By Lubang Oz                 Scored 303/333

We went for a general walk along the muddy Yarra, setting out after the Runners and across the Morel Bridge to Batman Avenue and turned left, heading towards the CBD. The Hare’s pre-Run B.O.S. stated that there was no actual Walkers trail, Option 1 – go as far as Swan Street and cross over the bridge to the Drink Stop, or Option 2 – walk as far as Swanston Street Bridge. I led my entourage straight to Swanston Street, over Princes Bridge and down towards the river bank, past the rowing club, then past gardens on our right where someone pointed out a person lying on the grass, which turned out to be a couple canoodling. Well it was a hot night. Luckily there were several water bubblers along the way. Having crossed over Punt Road everybody picked up the pace, seeing Prince waving us towards his fantastic Drink Stop, of the most wonderfully refreshing slices of chilled watermelon – very economical on glasses. Perfect in 40 degree heat. Then set out for Home to finish our nice, gentle but longish 1 hour’s 4.4 km stroll.

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Lee and Anna Virgin Runners, “Not just Visitors”, welcome to Lakeside.

(Prickly Bush had wanted to take them away with the welcoming song, we could try to learn the words to all sing along.)


HARES – Prince and Point Post.

  • Prince – Running us past girls sunbathing in their underwear along the river bank, and most of us are married men.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Introduced to Cooch in the flesh. (Other than cooch grass or some apparition in Hawthorn).
  • Jack Off – Not being diplomatic. An old hobo in the street told him that he’d have to run if he wanted to catch up with the old bloke in front, pointing to Kokup.


Palindromes – Cyclone Tracy 141, Klingon 919, Drag On 252, Prince 636 and a special for GG – 1171

  • Punch – Only a little devil, on 333 just half a devil.
  • No Balls – Apologising for a gas smell coming from a nearby house, a false fart charge.
  • Prince – From NZ, has used his Kiwi calculator. Having said the Run was 5km., it was more like 5 miles long.
  • Mother Brown – Flirting with the lady security guard at the Myer Music Bowl.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Rebound. Did not see the girls sunbaking in their underwear.
  • Point Post & Prince – Kindness Award, great menu in honour of Sooty & adding chicken as an alternative.
  • Cooch – Udder Idjit beat him home for the first time since records began in 1936.
  • Let Me Look – Wearing high heels on the Run.
  • Prince – When the Pack arrived On Site he wasn’t wearing Hash gear saying he’d be too hot.
  • Quick Lay – Thank you for being stand in Grog Master & also pouring generous amounts of amber fluid.
  • Quick Lay – At the start of the Run, some of us were on full trail & he was already crossing the road ahead, short cutting with the excuse he was one of the checking chickens, holding chalk, & had to mark the trail.
  • Mother Brown – In the mood, wishful thinking out loud.
  • Prickly Bush – Within earshot.
  • Cooch – Pack was short of FRB’s and we got to a Check to find Cooch checking out a parked motor bike.
  • Lubang Oz – Late back to the Circle, from where ever he’d been, to give his Walk Report.

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