Run 1831 | 14th February 2018 | Cut Loose/Astro@Rotunda behind Middle Park Bowling Club, Middle Park

HARES: Cut Loose & Astro

VENUE: Pavilion behind the Middle Park Bowls Club.

VISITORS: Springbok, Cheeky, Richard B.

RETURNEES: Cut loose, Astro, Deep Throat, Cod Piece, Old Boar, 3K9, E&B.

Getting to the run venue was the first challenge of the night. Swingers said it took him 1 1/2 hours to drive from Collins Street (must have included a few laps of the GP circuit in the Alpha (Alfa ?)).  The security fences, grandstands and buildings being erected for the Grand Prix blotted out the venue for those who came via Aughtie Drive and required superior navigation skills to find it.  On arrival, we found Cut Loose had added to the rustic atmosphere by arranging for a local ‘derro’ sleeping on one of the benches.

The next challenge was finding trail and it all came unstuck at the first check, but this did allow the late comers to catch up. This was followed by an attempt by the hare to lay trail on wet sand in gale force winds and within striking distance of swooping kite surfers, but only Klingon took the bait.

The last challenge was how were we going to eat all of that food? Cut Loose awaited with a gourmet dinner of curried chicken, meat & spinach terrines, two yummy vegetable frittatas and fresh garden salad, while E&B was helpfully slicing the French sticks. It was a delicious meal and was well worth the walk/run.

WALK REPORT:  By Colours                     Scored 20/23

I enjoyed the walk and we walked along past the beach in the blowing winds. We went through the streets and the underpass at Middle Park and headed right, along the path, but lost trail. The fencing which had been erected for the Grand Prix was very confusing and we lost our sense of direction and had to make a phone call to the Hare. Point Post and friend were heading off at a tangent across the park, so we called out to them to head for the Lake and eventually to the Drink Stop near the Carousel Restaurant. There was still some thirst quenching Hash Splash and watermelon. Thankfully a short walk On Home.

RUN REPORT: By Cheesecake                 Scored 21/23

Well, because I am the only trustworthy, completely responsible, honest adult person on the Run, I was given the sacred envelope with the secret map of the trail. This was only to be opened in a complete emergency when we’d run out of food and water and lost sight of trail. Well, that all happened at the first check.  With the help of the secret map we went on to Harold Street, finding trail and then down to the Beach and towards St Kilda.  There was an arrow off to the right indicating we had to run across to Williamstown, which Klingon decided to follow.  The trail meandered back through West St. Kilda and over to the Albert Park Lake area, where we found a couple of Checks. Cheeky, being new to the country, young and enthusiastic, ran around looking for two checks while the rest of us could not be bothered?  We followed trail through Albert Park and eventually to the Drink Stop at the Carousel with very nice watermelon and hash splash and then On Home.  Points were deducted for the flyaway flour.

GM’s CHARGES (& all down downs with bubbly arranged by the hares for Valentines Day)

RETURNEES, VISITORS & THE HARES – were all given a down down.

  • Let Me Look – No Hash gear and wearing a Corporate suit in the Circle, but no hat or cigar.
  • Deep Throat – 23rd anniversary of joining Lakeside.
  • Let Me Look – Wanted to run across the oval with the bare chested footballers she was ogling.
  • Deep Throat & Point Post – First met at Hash on St. Valentines Day and it was love at first sight.
  • Astro and Springbok – First met years ago in South Africa at the Jacaranda H3. So when Springbok spotted Astro tonight, she said “Darling, the children have missed you”.
  • Klingon – Ran down the beach to the water trying to emulate a certain person who lived 2,000 years ago.
  • Udder Idjit – Heading the Walkers off trail.
  • Cod Piece – Lube Oil & Lubang Oz followed Cod Piece because she had a map.
  • Richard B – Lives nearby, but his Mum had to visit from England & drag him along to Lakeside H3.
  • Cheeky – Came to Lakeside on a date with her son on Valentine’s Day instead of Pointy.
  • Cheeky – Has achieved Greatness. Her son is more than 12 yo and still does what his mother tells him.
  • Kokup and Cheesecake – Both had a map, but still could not break the first Check.
  • Springbok – Looks like she needs another drink.
  • Cheeky and Richard B – Gullibility charge, for being really sweet and feeling sorry for the derro.
  • Lube Oil – A great night for people who don’t drink beer.
  • Klingon – Rebound. Lubang Oz & Lube Oil did make it to the drink stop.
  • Prince – Testing out his poetic prowess on Hashers.
  • Mother Brown – Hiding behind a giant mug, low profile.
  • GG – Improving as an official watermelon dispenser and not as grumpy as last week. It was the hearts!

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