Run 1832 | 21st February 2018 | Let Me Look/Noballs@Goat House Bar, Elsternwick

HARES: Let Me Look & No Balls

VENUE: The Goat House, Elsternwick.

RETURNEES: Vivian, Peanuts, Spread On, Hooray C. O., Shu Shu.


What a great night for a run. It was Let Me Look’s virgin hare run and it was a great run.  We started off running through the outdoor dining room of the café over the road and then up past the ABC studio’s.  Trail then settled in to the local streets, including several back lanes and Harleston Park, where the kids slide amused a few hashers.  The On Backs and Checks kept the pack together right up to the drink stop in Hopetoun Gardens where the hare provided watermelon infused with Vodka, lollies, biscuits and Hash Splash in the rotunda. Even Drag On enjoyed the drink stop and was happily running around below, making friends with a doppelganger black and tan kelpie.  The run was not too long and perfect for the warm night and everyone got into the spirit of the circle, including Providence.  Just as Codpiece opened her mouth for the first charge – a nearby train loudly sounded it’s horn.

Well done Let Me Look and No Balls.

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WALK REPORT:  By Cyclone Tracy           Scored 25/26

It was a magnificent walk with a big group. The first heart starter was Udder running across Glenhuntly Road to avoid the moving traffic and almost getting run over. It was really well marked and once off the main road it was mostly quiet suburban streets with many different styles of houses with beautiful gardens and plenty of stops for the walkers to stay together. There was a really good Drink Stop and then On Home where we passed the Posh Op Shop and the Psychic Universe.


RUN REPORT: By Old Boar                      Scored 22.5/26

It was a tricky Run; it was the Run of the Long Back; it was the Run of the Long Check, where it took ages of running around everywhere and searching for trail. Let Me Look lived up to her name and we looked for trail everywhere and as always we eventually found it. A great part of the run was the Drink Stop and then it was an easy stroll On Home down Glenhuntly Road.



RETURNEES – Vivian, Peanuts, Spread On, Hooray C.O., & Shu Shu.

HARES – Let Me Look (Virgin hare) and No Balls.

  • Let Me Look, Vivian & Cheesecake – No Hash Gear on the Run.
  • No Balls – Turning honest hashers into SCB’s by calling back runners who were already on trail.
  • Hooray C.O. – Self flagellation charge. Trying to get a bemused local teenage boy to join the run.
  • Swingers – Can spell Alfa, but does not know the difference between a Ferrari and a Jaguar.
  • Gargoyle – Wrongly blamed Drag On for chasing kids but it was her much heftier lookalike.
  • Swingers – Found the first On Back mark, ran past it, got back on trail, but then ran the whole On Back.


  • Lube Oil – Special Run. 300 Runs. Congratulations, you’re a Hasher through and through.
  • Palindromes – Spread On 88 runs (two fat ladies), Vivian 11 (Legs 11).


  • Lube Oil – Nicking into a shop on the Walk for some quick retail therapy.
  • Codpiece & Udder Idjit – Orienteering charge. Continually referring to their maps. Codpiece admitted she could not read a map, but Udder wouldn’t and kept blaming Codpiece when they could not find trail.
  • Kokup – Accused of editing the Hash Trash Report last week and cannot even spell Alfa.
  • Peanuts – Her red face is because she ate a whole piece of vodka infused watermelon at the drink stop & when offered some juice at the bottom of the container – Yes, more please – and drank a whole glass full.
  • Udder Idjit – Jaywalking, just missed being squashed in to the road by that car.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Trying to take over the Sergeant’s job.
  • Prince – The GM of Bike Hash. Train to Seaford was replaced with a bus on Sunday, so he then had to go home to get his car to transport his bike. He missed the start, but caught up.  He also had the beer, but could not find his car after the run, so the riders had to wait for a drink.
  •  Udder Idjit – Inconsistency and a Julie Bishop charge. She said a bonking ban was stupid. Two days later after Malcolm introduced it she said it was a good idea. Udder idjit said the Bike Hash was too hard and he was too tired and he would enjoy playing tennis. When next met he said “Wasn’t that a lovely Bike Hash?
  • No Balls – Another special run – 69 Runs.
  • GG – Displaying his little map of Tassie. It looks like a little sporran.
  • Prince – Looks like he’s been lying face down on a shag pile carpet.
  • Prince – As GM of bike hash. It was the first time in his life that Udder Idjit has got a low profile charge.
  • Prickly Bush – Too many Charges. Hash Trash had to begin writing on a third page for the 1st time ever.
  • Swingers – The reason that Prickly Bush couldn’t slide down the slide is that she’s too prickly.
  • Let Me Look – An envious holiday itinerary as we’ll all soon be cold here in winter.
  • Klingon – Cleaning up after his most faithful friend, Drag On, beyond the call of duty.

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