Run 1835 | 7th March 2018 | Shit Off A Shovel@Coot Picnic Area, Albert Park Lake

HARES: Committee (SOAS & Prince)

VENUE: Coot Picnic Area, Albert Park Lake.

THEME: Lakeside Hash House Harriers, 34th Anniversary Run.

VISITORS: Pseudo, Peter.

RETURNEES: SOAS, 2 Bottoms, Rigby, NickelB, Lotsafun, Lethal, 3K9.

Thirty-three hashers arrived to help celebrate the Lakeside H3, 34th Anniversary run.  Our trail master managed to drag SOAS out for his annual cameo hare appearance, but then had to restrain him somewhat to keep the run to a ‘reasonable’ length.  The weather gods smiled on us and conditions were perfect for the run/walk/BBQ dinner and circle.  The annual Lakeside photographs were expertly taken by Tanisha and then the hare delivered his BOS (more about this later), including trail markings and the usual hare’s misdirection.  There was some mention of it being a ‘papillion’ run, but this was not explained to the pack.  Apparently, the trail took the shape of a butterfly with Albert Park Lake being it’s body – the quality of the hooch at the Uni must be deteriorating.

There was a drink stop on the run (Point Post) and Nosh included nibbles with home-made avocado dip (E&B) followed by BBQ snags and home-made rissoles (Kokup), potato and fresh garden salads, followed by Tim Tams and Mint Slices (Punch).

WALK REPORT:  By Codpiece                                             Scored 0.75 upgraded to 4.7/34

Well, I watched the Oscars and six word speeches were all the rage. We walked around the lake and it was a nice walk.  There was a Drink Stop and as a result of that Drink Stop there was no Grog Master with the grog when we got back to the pavilion (more about this later).

RUN REPORT: By Hooray C.O.                                           Scored 33.75/34

Shit Off A Shovel should be re-named Bull-Shit Off A Shovel. The so stated “just over 6km Run” turned out to be closer to 10 km long.  We had a beautiful run down to the beach and it looked like it was going to be a boring trail around the Lake until 2 Bottoms pointed out the direction the trail followed.  So then we had to go up Punt Road, Greville Street and on to Fawkner Park and it was beautiful.  I didn’t see Cooch, but there were people everywhere, lots of lovers holding hands and other people kicking soccer balls around the track. It was a good Run and I enjoyed it, even though I’ve got new runners and my feet are really sore now (more about this later).


VISITORS – Pseudo, Peter.

RETURNEES – SOAS, 2 Bottoms, Rigby, NickelB, Lotsafun, Lethal, 3K9 & Hooray C. O.

HARES – SOAS with a moderating influence by Prince (taken by lookalike Point Post).

  • Punch – Too organised with the dinner. Cleaned the outside table, placed three loaves of bread on it and before she had walked back to the BBQ’s, about 30 seagulls and a dozen Indian Myna’s had descended and tried to steal the bread.
  • Point Post – No grog and no excuses accepted.
  • Bull-SOAS – The Run was longer than just over 6 km and closer to 10 km.
  • Bull-SOAS – Udder’s a disappointed man. He went to his personal trainer to prepare for a 14 km Run and it was only about 10 km long.
  • Colours – Taken by lookalike Gargoyle. Lethal noticed she’d already gone home, having seen an advertisement for Ann Reid who’s starring in a movie, he reckons Ann Colours Reid is too busy to stay for the Circle.
  • Bull-SOAS – Run had more checks than a bank and they all bounce.
  • Let Me Look – Not wearing Hash gear, but did Let Us Look under her dress at the LH3 singlet.
  • Hooray C.O. – New shoes charge after an ‘own goal’ telling the Circle they were new.
  • NickelB – Udder says that he’s a man of numbers and he only passed NickelB 11 times on the trail.
  • Swingers – Swingers said he kept up with Udder on the trail.
  • Udder Idjit – Slowing down.
  • Lubang Oz & Astro – Late arrival at the Drink Stop, making Point Post wait for them, but they got the last 2 remaining drinks anyway.
  • Lubang Oz & Astro – Held up the Grog Master at the Drink Stop and it was their fault there was no beer for the thirsty Walkers and Runners when they arrived back Home.
  • Point Post – Not getting back quick enough to have beer for the walkers and runners on return.
  • Kokup – His beef rissoles were vegie burgers in disguise.
  • Bull-SOAS – Not having that many Checks at all, so some runners got left behind.
  • Cheesecake & Whippet – Low profile.
  • Let Me Look – Might be her last Run before her holidays. If so, have a great time.
  • Cut Loose & Punch – Too organised.

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