Run 1836 | 14th March 2019 | Cut Loose/Cheesecake@Oakleigh Cemetery, Atherton Road, Oakleigh

HARES: Cheesecake & Cut Loose

VENUE: Rotunda at Oakleigh Cemetery.

THEME: St. Patrick’s Day Run, but wear black out of respect.

VISITORS: Jarrod, Ian.

RETURNEES: Libido, Prickly Bush, No Balls, Sweaty Box, Gerbils.

There was a bit of Irish irony attached to the run venue and it goes something like…. Cheesecake has Irish ancestry and the Irish love any excuse for a party and especially a wake and therefore what better place to celebrate St. Patricks Day than at a Cemetery and if you’re at a Cemetery you should wear black out of respect…. The Cemetery is actually more of an historical place set in parklands and no longer serving it’s original purpose.  The Rotunda and BBQ’s were easily found outside the old burial areas in a lovely parkland setting.  The crowd was building and Point Post had dropped off the grog when a sudden hush fell with the approach of one of the boys in blue.  He wasn’t worried about the hashers, but asking if anyone had noticed an 8yo child who had gone missing.  No sightings by LH3, but the policeman had the decency to come back after the run, thank us for our assistance and advise she had been found – so we wouldn’t worry.

The drink stop had a black drink, also black and green liquorice. Nosh was Asian rissoles with special sauce in black buns (baked with 1% coconut derived charcoal which took Cut Loose 1 month to find).  Also spicy red coleslaw and black pasta. For dessert, hot cross buns with butter and blackberry jam.

WALK REPORT:  By Libido & Gargoyle                                            Scored 16.5/17

We did a fantastic heritage walk through world renowned Oakleigh, following Cheesecakes’s map with an instruction sheet of the points of interest to note. On out searching for the oldest grave, finding one from 1803. Then meandered down to Oakleigh Primary school in Warrigal Road to the old gates; one post marked 1914, the other 1919, in Memorium. Then off down to Scotchman’s Creek with a bridge covered in beautiful graffiti, continuing along the bike track where the Runners passed us, leaving Udder Idjit behind. He reckoned he’d been running for half an hour and had run enough kms. On out of the trees to a street to search for an old bell at the cricket ground in an old quarry site with a Kodak moment in front of the bell.  We followed trail up the side of the quarry to enjoy the view of Melbourne.  Astro, walking the Run crossed the oval below to catch up with the Runners.  Udder deserted us somewhere along the trail, lured back to the Runners and we all met at the Drink Stop, but we were too late to see the birds. Finally heading off towards Dandenong Road and On Home. All in all it was a beautiful walk and the food was great.

RUN REPORT: By Egg & Bacon Pie                                              Scored 17/17

We went out through the cemetery, round the oval and towards the railway before trail took some runners over a footbridge on Warrigal Road and down to Scotchmans Creek. 18 years ago we were house hunting and Cooch said ”Don’t buy a house in Oakleigh because there’s hardly anything way out there”. But the parts we ran through were beautiful. There was a path through the trees with a peaceful little stream bubbling along. Missed the city view, being a SCB and running around the oval instead of up to the lookout. Saw the birds at the drinkstop by the lake, ate green and black liquorice and wondered what the strange art works were. A well marked trail, kept the Pack together and what else except stout and coke to drink.

GM Kokup’s CHARGES (emphasised with his totem stick to be pointed at offenders):

VISITORS and RETURNEES– Jarrod, Ian. Libido, Prickly Bush, No Balls, Sweaty Box, Gerbils.

CARRY OVER CHARGES FROM LAST WEEK – Swingers 131, Hooray C.O. 69.

HARES – Cheesecake & Cut Loose.

DRINK STOP – Point Post

  • Old Boar – Did not follow GM’s instructions to name the Runners before taking them away with a song.
  • Ian – Taken by Jarrod.   For actually describing Lakeside Hashers as “people who can & do actually run”.
  • Udder Idjit – Started off as a runner, then became a walker / runner / walker / runner…………
  • Pseudo & Libido – Mug of the week awards for an extraordinary lack of judgement – returning for a 2nd run.
  • Jarrod, Ian lookalike – Said it was a good Run.


  • E&B – 686 Runs, Kokup on 353.
  • 2 Bottoms – 169, that’s twice so far.
  • No Balls and Hooray C.O. – Both on 70 Runs.
  • Cut Loose & Cheesecake – No green clothing on the Run for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Klingon – Got trapped in the golf course while trying to be a SCB.
  • Astro – Was wearing a very dark green jacket.
  • Let Me Look, Pseudo and Ian – Blindly followed trail and ran up and over the footbridge.
  • Let Me Look – Ogling a Runner in green shorts (a bit of a pattern is starting to emerge).
  • Kokup – Found “Wilson” and brought him along tonight.
  • Udder Idjit – Swingers passed him six times, but still doesn’t know if he’s a Runner or a Walker.
  • Astro – Had the run map and still got lost.
  • Libido & Gargoyle – Had a walk map and instructions, but bounded off ahead & left walkers trailing behind.

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