Run 1837 | 21st March 2018 | Quicklay/Shu Shu@Temperance Hotel, South Yarra

HARES: Quicklay & Shu Shu

VENUE: Temperance Hotel, South Yarra.

VISITORS: Su, Chad & Boner.

RETURNEES: Jack Off, Botak Chin, Peanuts, Cyclone Tracy, Prince.

WALK REPORT:  By Boner                                                  Scored 0/300

We crossed over Chapel Street, did an immediate left turn along the roads with many Checks. Trail led us in a circle around a complete block of houses. Twists and turns to floral bordered lanes took us up a railway bridge to yet another check, we all searched for arrows again. No Drink Stop but saw water below the bridge over the Yarra and down a narrow circular staircase, so scary I almost s**t myself. Also had to walk along Yarra Boulevard’s bike track with speeding cyclists who didn’t ring their warning bells. Long On Home up Chapel Street. Terrible walk.

RUN REPORT: By Jack Off                                                  Scored 56.2/300

What can I say about it? We went to St Kilda almost. Disappointed there was no Drink Stop and every Run should have one. It must have been a Hash record for too many On Backs on an 8 km Run. Last time the hare set a run out here we had a Drink Stop, but I couldn’t find it. And I am led to believe that the arrows were not the correct Lakeside arrows.  Left speechless.  But, just for the record, the run did wind it’s way around the streets and lanes of Prahran and Windsor utilizing the few available parks, including the remnants of the old St. Kilda to Windsor railway, past the three pink elephants on top of the Windsor Castle hotel and with a loooooong ‘On Home’ along Chapel Street from Windsor Station.  The on backs actually kept the pack together up to Windsor Station.


VISITORS and RETURNEES – Su, Chad & Boner. Jack Off, Botak Chin, Peanuts, Cyclone Tracy, Prince. (We owe Boner a down down, because the GM is cognisant depleted and suffers from memory loss.)

HARES – Quicklay & Shu Shu.

  • Whippet – 300 magnificent runs, even though it has taken 18 years in & out of Melbourne to get there.
  • Jarrod – 2 equally magnificent runs and mug of the week award for also displaying an extraordinary lack of judgement by returning today, particularly after seeing Pseudo & Libido get the mug of the week last week.
  • Quicklay – Sorbent dunny paper charge for having trail marked in “pink and blue and primrose too”. n
  • Quicklay – Encouraging hashers to cross against a red light at St Kilda junction.
  • NickelB – Got sucked in, crossed on red and being the new FRB got caught in the underpass ‘on back’.
  • 2 Bottoms – Did not believe the hare’s BOS when he said ‘there will be no trail marked after the On Home”. Not backing himself, the FRB ran most of the way down Chapel Street and then turned back a few hundred metres from home, thinking he’d run passed the pub.
  • Palindromes – Lube Oil on 303, also Chad as a lookalike for Codpiece – being one third of a devil on 222.

CHARGES from the Floor:

  • Quick Lay – Did not say “The last quarter of the run did not have arrows” and 2 Bottoms was confused.
  • Lube Oil, Gargoyle & Punch – Window shopping On Home in Chapel Street.
  • Kokup – Stopped on trail to smell the roses.
  • Point Post – Strong silent type, had his 70th birthday last week, the same day as Prince Charles is having his 70th birthday and kept it on the QT.
  • Mother Brown – Wearing a Hash shirt that had actually been ironed!
  • Quick Lay – Did not mark Lakeside arrows in Chapel Street because he crossed trail.
  • Whippet – Doesn’t know how to mark arrows to show the Check has been broken. Drew normal arrows instead of double shafted, single head.
  • E&B – Long winded charges like GG.
  • Klingon – Lyricist and melody finder for LH3, MHFMH3 and New Moon H3 theme songs.
  • Lubang Oz & NickelB – The oldest and third oldest Hashers in Melbourne who still run. Bravo.
  • Punch – Thinks Klingon is clever. ….Yes, I think that takes wit and skill.
  • Boner – Poor Checking Chicken, missed marking one broken check.
  • Quick Lay & Shu Shu – Unauthorised use of our Lakeside name on the back of the t-shirts they’re wearing.

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