Run 1839 | 4th April 2018| E & B@Gasworks Park, Albert Park

HARE:   Egg and Bacon Pie

VENUE: Gasworks Park, Corner of Pickles and Richardson Streets Albert Park.

VISITORS: Juliana, Alex, Felicity, James, Tanysha, Tahlia & Mila

RETURNEES: Deeper, Spread On, Game On & Add On

WALK REPORT:  By Gargoyle                                Scored 17/21

We started at the far end of the paddocks and went up there, came back where we sighted the Runners and continued till we came to the light rail. As per E&B’s tip we crossed over and turned right along the bike path. Then followed the arrows quite a way till they petered out. We backtracked and crossed the previous road, spotting an arrow to a Check. Everyone looked for trail as we were now ahead of the Runners. After many more On Backs and Checks we saw South Melbourne’s clock tower and followed trail to Spring Street East’s On Back. Turning back to the previous corner someone said it wouldn’t be off to the right because we’d be going away from home. Searching both sides to the left, no trail. Game On had sprinted off to the left of Bay Street, nothing. We asked if he’d gone 70 of E&B’s long strides. He wasn’t sure so we all double checked as far as the next main road, nothing. We crossed Bay street to look on the other side, no arrows but we‘d returned to our original Bay Street crossing. While all crossed back to the last arrow, Punch headed off in the right direction but of course found nothing as she was still on Bay Street, therefore crossed back over to rejoin the Walkers. Simultaneously Add On, sure the trail would be in the street we’d ignored had headed there to look for arrows but was called back once the Runners came in to view, so their On Back would not be spoiled. Meanwhile, Punch , having seen the Runners arriving called out “Our saviours.” and told them there was an On Back! They crossed to the last arrow and Prickly Bush said don’t worry, we’ll find trail, so ran down Spring Steet East and spotted arrows just to the left on the first street! Poor Add On strode along grumbling she’d have broken the Check if someone hadn’t called her back! All the Checks and On Backs really p….d me off.

RUN REPORT: By Astro                                                       Scored 17.635/20

Well so we headed out of Gasworks Park and found the first check, which confused everyone and took a long time to break. Trail then meandered to Bay Street and through some back lanes along to the light rail where it turned left down towards the beach and we met an American who spoke just like Al Capone. He said “I’d keep goin’ if I were yoo.” On along the beach to Beacon Cove. Then we were at a point where the Pack was strung out and that FRB Udder called a Hash Halt then another – he may have been tired. It was interesting because we went out under the overpass and came back under the overpass on the other side of the road and rail. We found the walkers milling about, found the trail and all arrived at Juliana’s Drink Stop to the encouragement of what sounded like a hundred kids all shouting ON ON.  After a quick snort of port in South Melbourne and a thank you to Juliana, it was On Home.


VISITORS – Juliana, Alex, Felicity, James, Tahlia, Tanysha & Mila.

RETURNEES – Deeper, Spread On, Game On & Add On.

HARE – Egg & Bacon Pie.

  • Punch, Gargoyle, Colours, Add On & Game On – Lost sheep who could not find trail.
  • Prickly Bush – Always missing out, Last week it was snakes, this week dip and ….? tonight(!!!!!)
  • Bulukau – His 2nd Run tonight, Mug of the Week. The last of the mugs and he has ended a tradition of 2017/18.
  • Mother Brown – His second last Lakeside Run of this year’s summer sojourn in sunny Australia.


Palindromes – Udder Idjit 595, Cheesecake 636, Gargoyle 191

  • Pseudo – Now daylight savings has ended, okay to be 1 hour late; she came here yesterday, 23 hours early.
  • Gargoyle – Flashing in the circle.
  • Game On – Started trail as a Walker but got enthusiastic and ran On Home after the Drink Stop.
  • Astro – Ran, walked, short-cutted, did everything not to be left behind this week.
  • Point Post – When confused as to trail. Follow the in-built Pointy GPS.
  • Add On – Would have found trail after the confusing On Back if she hadn’t been called back when the Runners approached Bay Street.
  • Klingon – Allowing Add On to assist him pouring the drinks.
  • Deeper and Udder – Deeper almost had a bit of England in him.

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