Run 1840 | 11th April 2018 | Big Ears@Templestowe Hotel, Park Street, Templestowe Lower

HARE:  Big Ears

VENUE: Templestowe Hotel.



WALK REPORT:  By Bollywood                                                         Scored 59/62

First thing, torchlight; I didn’t have a torch so followed the hare to his van to borrow one while the pack set off. The pack had disappeared when we were ready to go on out of the car park to the left. We walked to the end of the road, felt uneasy about going through the park off to our right alone, so turned left to walk along past houses. Arriving at the main road we walked, walked and came to the front of the hotel. Continuing along the road we walked, walked, walked to Mellisa’s restaurant with nice cakes inside. Punch had been here on a previous Run so we searched for arrows hoping to rejoin the trail. We came to the park, wondering where we should go and turned back and soon arrived home.

RUN REPORT: By Jarrod                                                                   Scored 61/62

There were 4 actual Runners at the start, which reduced to 3. We left the pub and turned right past some lovely houses.  There was a really steep, grassy bank down to cross the Creek and it was almost impossible not to slide down.  A few walkers refused to attempt the crossing and went the long way around.  After the Creek we ran through a few more streets and then it was over the river and bush bashing in Westerfold Park.  I was a bit worried I had found myself in the Otways or something, running at night in the bush, didn’t have a torch, couldn’t see and had to follow others.  The pack had some difficulty finding trail and the walkers caught up, but eventually found our way, crossed the river and ran past Odyssey House to a check across a locked gate.  The SCB’s had crossed the river, missed trail from the previous check and gone home.  It took a while to find trail because the first arrow was about 300m away, but then it was back into some more bush, across the river again and on home.  There was a dude in a van who looked like he’d settled down for a good night with the good stuff and it looked like the local lovers lane with a few other vans parked up.  Anyway, I’ll mark myself down one point because I forgot to bring a torch.


VISITORS – Stan from just down the road.

HARE – Big Ears.

  • Mother Brown – Last run with LH3 for this summer before heading back to jolly old England.
  • Mother Brown and Pseudo – Late arrivals, thanks to the traffic!


Palindromes – Quick Lay 66, Big Ears 99, Prickly Bush 202.

  • Quick Lay & Point Post – SCB’s.
  • Big Ears -Shops at David Jones or somewhere upmarket so rations the expensive flour he lays on trail.
  • Kokup, Jarrod & Prickly Bush – Looking everywhere else for trail, even though the SCB’s were calling on the in trail.
  • Shu Shu & Stan – Lost on trail, off in the wild blue yonder.
  • Shu Shu – Resorted to her GPS.
  • Stan – Partner in crime. Couldn’t find the pub even though he lives here.
  • Pseudo – Needs more calories than what’s in her drink and needs another one.
  • Bulkau – Low profile.
  • Big Ears – Stand in for Whippet. The winner of Best Dog In Show at Cruft’s in Britain recently was a Whippet named Tease, beating Whippet and 21,000 others.
  • Shu Shu – Low profile, hiding behind the back of the circle.

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