Run 1841 | 18th April 2018 | NoBalls@Mountain Goat Brewery, North Street, Richmond

HARE:   No Balls

VENUE: Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond.


RETURNEES: 2 Bottoms, Old Boar, Codpiece, NickelB, Lotsafun, Prince.

WALK REPORT:  By Peanuts                                                             Scored 89.5/100

The hare provided a beautiful map in full colour, but the walk went off the map! Walkers went up the river and crossed it, then back down the other side and crossed it again, then walked home.  There were a lot of beautiful houses and trail went past my little old house in Richmond.  It was a good walk and everyone enjoyed it.

RUN REPORT: By 2 Bottoms                                                             Scored 90/100

The run was a technicolour gem. Arrows were marked in all colours (see charges later), there were lots of coloured glo-sticks in shrubs, trees, grass etc and small candles to light the way (sounds a little familiar).  The run also went north upstream and crossed at Barkers Road, then it went south downstream, meandering through suburban streets and various parks with some tricky on backs and loops.  It crossed back over the river at Swan Street and back up the river with a diversion into suburbia before reaching home.  It was an enjoyable and good run.

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RETURNEES – 2 Bottoms, Old Boar, Codpiece, NickelB, Lotsafun, Prince.

HARE – No Balls.

  • No Balls, Codpiece, Old Boar, Udder Idjit, Gargoyle, Prince – Collective book abuse charge. Signed on to last weeks run.
  • Klingon – Ikea charge. Admitted this is where he comes when he is forced to buy furniture and Ikea stuff like someone is kicking his ass, hitting him over the head and abusing him.
  • No Balls – Sorbent charge. Arrows marked in pink and blue and primrose too.
  • Shu Shu – Palindromes on 66 runs.
  • NickelB & Lotsafun – Went all the way to Japan to smell the Cherry Blossom – and they don’t even have a scent.


  • Jarrod – Chasing pussy on the run, but did not catch any.
  • Klingon – Looking like a bobby dazzler, lit up like a Christmas Tree and flashing in the circle.
  • Kokup – Unjustly accused of giving 2 Bottoms indigestion, by forcing him to eat his pizza faster instead of being able to enjoy it at a leisurely pace.
  • Klingon – ‘Lifting’ the glo-sticks marking trail through parks.
  • No Balls – Hash innovation. Lit up the dark parts of trail through parklands with glo-sticks and electronic candles.
  • Prince – Got his goats mixed up, got the wrong goat and not by the horns.
  • Quicklay – At a check, remarked ‘the trail has got to be that way’, but it wasn’t.
  • Cooch – Ran past the Hash Halt (before it was a HH, but the charge stands).
  • Prince – Abuse of power, claiming authority as a past GM to set a Hash Halt.
  • NickelB – Too heavy on the drinks.
  • Pseudo – Deranged. How could she possibly think that Quicklay is good looking?

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