Run 1842 | 25th April 2018 | Cooch@Thai Style Restaurant, Richmond


HARE:   Cooch

VENUE: Thai Style Restaurant, Richmond.

VISITORS: At Last, Stray Pussy.

RETURNEES: Deeper, Gerbils, Whippet, Big Ears, Free Beers, Where’s Wally, Lubang Oz, Lubeoil, Swingers, Jack Off, Underlay, Shagadellic.

WALK REPORT:  By Lubang Oz                                                         Scored 100/103

The walk began with 10 walkers, but several fell by the wayside as it progressed. Trail went around corner after corner after corner following the run route, but without a few of the loops.  Eventually the walkers arrived at the Drink Stop at Burnley Park after the runners. It was a good walk and a good drink stop.

RUN REPORT: By Swingers                                                               Scored 95/103

There are a few key ingredients to a Cooch run. You need to have to have a great venue, which he’s got; a twisted little trail that wraps in on itself and keeps the runners confused and it did; it needs a goat track and you need to cross the river.  There was no goat track, but Cooch made up for it with the trail along the river, so it pretty much had everything.

There were a few negatives including -:

  • The run was set near the MCG on the day of the Anzac day game, with all the traffic and crowds after a big football match it took while to get there.
  • The Restaurant on a road that has been closed for major roadworks, so it was hard to find a park.

Despite the negatives, the checks and on backs kept the pack fairly tight and it was a good run with a good drinkstop befitting the day.


VISITORS – At Last, Stray Pussy.

RETURNEES – Deeper, Gerbils, Whippet, Big Ears, Free Beers, Where’s Wally, Lubang Oz, Lubeoil, Swingers, Jack Off, Underlay, Shagadellic.

HARE – Cooch.

  • Big Ears – 100 runs, even though it has taken a long time to get there.
  • Deeper – A few hours ago he was singing at the MCG in front of 90,000 people with the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir as back up to Mike Brady.
  • Colours – Got rid of all the remaining flashing wrist bands before the run (so look after the ones you have!). Charge taken by Peanuts as a Colours lookalike.
  • Cooch – Putting on a fireworks display to welcome Lakeside hashers to his run.
  • Klingon & Where’s Wally – Late, in fact very late for hash and turned up at the drinkstop, having been to the MCG (for the Essendon/Collingwood Anzac Day game), which is only a stone’s throw away – and it wasn’t worth staying after quarter time!

Sergeant Prickly Bush and Charges From The Floor

  • Palindromic Runs – Punch on 343 and Cooch on 717.
  • Pseudo – Ran straight through the last On Back.
  • Cooch – Aiding and abetting the SCB’s with short cutting to the drink stop.
  • Klingon – Told Peanuts that New Moon H3 was only for ‘young’ people.
  • Cooch – Led walkers up, around and around in circles and finally across the rail and back around East Richmond Station.
  • Lubang Oz – Jay walking in front of cars.
  • Botak Chin – Low profile.
  • Bulukau – Has finally brought the lovely At Last along to a run.
  • Cooch – There was no fish on the menu tonight, so the fisherman under the freeway bridge who looked like the chef was not the chef.
  • Point Post – Did not bring the cash box in with the eskies and some did not know how to pay for the beer.
  • Klingon – Rebound for trying to charge Pseudo on some trumped up charge.
  • Where’s Wally – Needed a drink.

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